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  • The Donald Trump Obama Birth Certificate Theory Gets Deeper

The Donald Trump Obama Birth Certificate Theory Gets Deeper

  • Julia Berman
  • May 31, 2014
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The Donald Trump Obama Birth Certificate Theory Thickens

The Donald Trump Obama Birth Certificate Theory Thickens

Back in 2011 Trump had considered running for president. At this time he had relied heavily on the prospect of exposing President Obama’s Kenyan birth and fake citizenship in order to bolster his campaign. Even though he gained some public traction amongst the Republicans, he ultimately decided not to run.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason, Donald Trump simply cannot let this theory go. Trump has concocted a new theory about President Obama’s American citizenship legitimacy. He publicly spoke about this at the National Press Club.

So now, Trump claims that even though there is a “very big chance” that Obama was, in fact, born in America, he asserts that Obama lied about being Kenyan to get into college. According to Trump’s explanation, he believes that the president lied, “Because if you said you were born in Kenya, you got aid, and got into colleges.”

In the past, Trump has gone so far as to offer Obama $5 million to release his college records, passport, and birth certificate. Trump asserts that this refusal alone is concrete proof that the president must have lied. Obama denied Trump’s offer in which the money would go to Obama’s chosen charity. Off the record, Trump had even raised the stakes to a whopping $50 million.

Apparently, Trump’s doubt is stemmed from a typo in a book agency’s 1991 biography of Obama which wrote that Barack Obama had been born in Kenya. After the biography had resurfaced in 2012, an editor from the book company stated that it had been a “fact checking error”.

Trump shows no smidget of regret or doubt about his relentless prying on the matter. However, it seems that everyone wishes Trump would give it a rest, for his own sanity’s sake. Or is all these just to keep the “talking Trump” relevant in the media?



Photo: Salon


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