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  • Head of USA Gymnastics, Kerry Perry, Has Been Fired

Head of USA Gymnastics, Kerry Perry, Has Been Fired

  • Peter Boyer
  • September 5, 2018
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Kerry Perry recently left her position as the head of USA gymnastics after she was asked to resign.

Perry was hired as the CEO and president of the national gymnastics team, despite her lack of experience with the sport. When she was hired, Perry stated that her main focus was “on creating an environment of empowerment where all have a strong voice and we are dedicated every single day to athlete safety.”

The ex-CEO will no longer have a say within the organization.

Her resignation has come at an interesting time. Former team doctor Larry Nassar was accused and convicted of molesting hundreds of female athletes during his tenure with the organization. The gripping court case gained global attention.

Karen Golz, a chairman within the USA Gymnastics organization, issued the following statement regarding Perry’s resignation:

“In the wake of horrific events that have impacted our athletes and the entire gymnastics community, USA Gymnastics has made progress in stabilizing itself and setting a new path to ensure that the safety and interests of our athletes remain at the heart of our mission.”

Clearly, higher-ups within the organization did not agree with Perry’s leadership.

Kim Ransom, the head of Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club, issued the following statement:

“The communication from the top down has been really reactive and disjointed. We get mass emails kind of bombed to us when there’s a catastrophe in the news and it’s sort of just feels very forced and contrived. … It feels like nobody is being real with us.”

U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell (D) of Michigan, issued the following statement about Perry:

“There is still a lack of urgency behind addressing how we protect young people from physical and emotional abuse while maintaining the amateur status that allows young people to compete,”

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