“Legal”: The New Blend of Coffee and THC

  • Julia Berman
  • June 1, 2014
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Now that weed has become legal in states such as Washington and Colorado, the industry of marijuana products is beginning to grow. Companies are now coming up with a variety of methods to consume, and enjoy,legally sanctioned marijuana. Of the new products, perhaps the most interesting and innovative of them is “Legal”.

“Legal” is a beverage created by Mirth Provisions, a new beverage company that is operated and owned by Adam Stites. The company plans to release this line of cannabis-infused coffee drinks in the upcoming months.

The ironically titled, cold brew drink will come in five flavors. Stites explained the THC content in the drink is 20mg, enough to give the consumers a nice, relaxing buzz without completely obliterating them.

Stites has also come up with a variety of juice based sparkling sodas. Each of the sodas contains a different marijuana strain to provide users with an option of highs. The soda flavors will be Rainer Cherry, which is designed to give “an uplifting, euphoric head high and a gentle body buzz,” Lemon Ginger which will endow “a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high”, and Pomegranate. The coffee drinks will have the options of including cream and sugar.

Stites spoke about the product to “My Northwest”, saying, “The coffee drinks give you an uplifting head high. We call it the wake and bake drink.” He continued to explain that he wanted to capture calming effects comparable to having a glass of wine but to avoid making the users uncomfortable, especially if they are new to marijuana usage.

Stites plans to distribute his cannabis coffee products across stores in Washington. The price of these beverages is still in the works, as it will be based on how many marijuana stores will offer the drinks. Since Mirth Provisions can apparently produce an estimated several hundred bottles per hour, it is only a matter of how quickly these stores will open up.



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