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Los Angeles Teachers Strike Gaining National Attention

  • Peter Boyer
  • September 4, 2018
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Featured Image via Flickr/kla4067

In Los Angeles, tensions are rising as the teachers strike gains nationwide attention. The main thing that teachers are fighting for are contract negotiations between the union and the school district. The union is claiming that there is illegal activity going on.

Los Angeles Unified School District officials issued the following statement:

“Students and families will bear the brunt of a strike. We hope our shared responsibility to put students first will prevent a strike and lead to a common-sense resolution that recognizes the hard work of our employees while addressing the safety and instructional needs of students and the financial solvency of L.A. Unified.”

The school district also added:

“L.A. Unified has reached agreements with labor partners which represent more than 60 percent of the District’s employees, which include salary increases totaling about 6 percent and we are prepared to offer the same to UTLA members.”

Arlene Inoyue, chair of the union, issued the following statement:

“Educators are frustrated and angry. We want a district that partners with us – not fights us – on critical issues like lower class sizes, fair pay, and bringing more staff to work with our students.”

Parents are reaching out in support of their children’s teachers. Including Alejandra Delgadillo, a Trinity Elementary parent.

Delgadillo issued the following statement in response to the strike decision:

“But they are fighting for much more than just a pay raise — they are fighting for a better education for our children. As a parent, I hope a strike won’t be necessary, but I support the teachers if it does come to that. It will be a short-term sacrifice for my children’s long-term future.”

Numbers are being thrown around and the union has previously stated that they want a 6.5% raise. They want to keep the raise option for years to come as well.

As the district attempts to avoid the teacher strike, the educators union fights on.

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