Video Game Hall of Fame Has Its First Exhibits

  • Leanne Coelho
  • 3 Years ago
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For gamer-nerds all over the world, the videogame hall of fame is truly a special kind of haven. In New York, the Strong Museum in Rochester was already the place of the National Toy Hall of Fame. As of now, the museum has a new annexure.

This extension will be the Videogame hall of fame. The best part about this museum is that the inductees get in by popular vote. Connoisseurs of the classic games from all over the world can actually vote for their favourites online. A website called is where one would visit to make their opinion matter.

Some of the exhibits that have been included this year include, Pong which was developed by Atari in 1972. The infamous Pac-man developed by Nanco, Atari and Interactive Brains in 1980. Tetris, was co-developed by Nintendo, Sega and many more in 1984. Super Mario Bros. was developed by Nintendo in the year 1985. Doom, by ID software and many others in 1993. And lastly, World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment which was released in 2004 is all included in the hall of fame.

Fans of these games are probably looking forward to many more additions. Fortunately, their opinions and votes will be solicited.

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