Autos & Transportation

Jul11, 2018

Lyft acquires Motivate

Lyft expands portfolio with bikes Lyft announced on Monday that it will acquire bike-sharing giant Motivate for an undisclosed amount. Motivate is the parent company of popular bike-sharing networks like Citi Bike in New York and the Bay Area, and…
Jun27, 2018

Uber hoping to appease London court

Uber victory in London In September, Transport for London did not renew Uber’s license to operate due to its inability to report background checks of its drivers. However, on Tuesday, the court decided to give them a 15-month operating license…
Jun25, 2018

Tesla will consider allowing customers to design car parts

Tesla seeks to improve customer experience Tesla will not be outsourcing their production or supplying the power of car design to any average Joe on the street, but they may create a new hands-on experience to their factory tours. Musk…