Financial Services

Jun25, 2019

Could Value Investing be Dead?

Popularized by Warren Buffet, the classic investing strategy of picking stocks with cheap book valuation has become more and more irrelevant because of central banks and the advancements of technology, Asset Management Company, AllianceBernstein, claims. Bernstein’s head of European quantitative…
Jun25, 2019

Investor Claims that the US Economy Could Enter a Mild recession in 2020

Guy Miller, chief market strategist and head of macroeconomics at Zurich Insurance, says that the US economy could enter a state of slight economic recession starting next year because the Federal Reserve will likely lower interest rates in order to…
Jun11, 2019

Amazon Launches a Credit Card for People Who Otherwise Wouldn’t be Eligible for One

Amazon wants to make their rewards credit card available to more people. To do this, Amazon partnered with Synchrony Financial, a publicly traded bank, and launched “Amazon Credit Builder” – a program for shoppers with no credit history or bad…