Jul12, 2018

Drug prices on the rise

Untouchable pharma manufacturers Pfizer agreed to halt the increase of its drug prices after President Trump talked with its executives, but that doesn’t mean other companies haven’t been ramping up prices. According to Wells Fargo, in June and the first…
Jul10, 2018

Amazon to send out toy catalog this winter

Can Amazon bring back the toy market? Toys ‘R Us’ bankruptcy is Amazon’s gain this holiday season, as the e-commerce giant will send out a toy catalog to  subscribers. When Toys ‘R Us was still in business, they would send…
Jun27, 2018

Largest nail manufacturer nearing bankruptcy

Nail firm hammered by tariffs Mid-Continent Nail has struggled significantly ever since President Trump imposed a 25% tariff on aluminum and steel. Because of the tariff, the company had to hike up prices; consequently, nail sales have dropped 50%. Last…
Jun23, 2018

Steel manufacturer invests in new factory following Trump tariffs

Steel tariffs are showing promising economic growth In March, President Trump imposed a 25% tariff on imported steel, hoping to bolster US manufacturing. JSW Steel USA may finally be the saving grace to his policy, as it invests $500 million…
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