Jul12, 2018

ZTE stock rises

Can ZTE bounce back? China tech-firm ZTE saw its stock rise 25% on Thursday following a government announcement that the US ban will soon be removed. The US Commerce Department first created the ban on the tech firm because of…
Jul12, 2018

Broadcom purchases CA Technologies

Broadcom not blowing away investors Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom announced its acquisition of software firm CA Technologies for $19 billion. The deal will expand the horizons of a company that focuses solely on semiconductors – now, Broadcom will have access to…
Jun22, 2018

Fujifilm seeking lawsuit against Xerox

Fuji Xerox breakup could get messy Fujifilm will sue Xerox for $1 billion after the company pulled out of the agreed upon Fuji Xerox merger. The Japanese company’s lawsuit is based around the "punitive damages for Xerox's intentional and egregious…