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Meet Apurva Batra, the Young Founder CEO of Flexible Pouch

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Apurva is an American businessman as well as an entrepreneur. He is very ambitious about the manufacturing industry. His efforts have earned him more awards and recognition across the world. He currently chairs Flexible products. 

Early childhood

The American entrepreneur was born in the year 1970. He was very creative at destroying and making machines like radio cassettes. His parents hated him for that, but they knew his passion lay in that sector.


Batra joined Texas university in Houston to undertake mechanical engineering. He graduated with a high GPA that gave him a chance to uptake masters at the University of Michigan. In 2019, he joined Harvard University to earn a certificate in digital marketing strategy.

Work Experience

Immediately after his first graduation, he was absorbed by an R&D Engineering Intern. He served as an associate in the engineering team. Apurva worked on research in simulation tools. After a year, he left for Chevron. He was given a role as an engineering consultant, where he served for 5 consecutive years. He was in charge of the riser system, pipelines, deepwater floating system, and pressure vessels. In 2017, he left with urgency.

Flexible pouches

After leaving Chevron, he decided to focus on his personal projects. He launched the project using the savings amount he had. Flexible Pouches deals with the manufacturing of attractive packaging used to keep consumers’ goods for a price. You can find both small and medium-sized brands. The bag is capable of holding artisanal kale chips or pharmaceutical products.

During the first year with Flexible Pouches, Apurva Batra struggled with capital issues. But at the end of the year, the company had made a revenue of $1 million. Before the pandemic, the company’s revenue had risen to $3.5 million, which he used to expand the business. He hired three more employees who brought in many ideas. It’s now a tiny business that makes a lump sum of dollars. But at the climax of the Covid-19, the cost of running the business went through.

The shipping containers price rose because of strict rules across the borders. A single container went for $15000. Many customers complained, and they yearned for preferential payment terms. On the other hand, the raw materials were very scarce and the price shot. But the CEO has to struggle to make sure his business stand out.

flexible pouches – image from facebook

How he managed to beat the pandemic

He started shipping his products using air transport means. Although the price doubled, they are a bit fair. The company has managed to adapt to the new means of transport, despite having some minor problems. The CEO talks about improving his pouch product by automation. Earlier this year, they automated the tracking and invoicing of these packages. Such factors make them save a lot of time. While in the field of business, you must be ready to incorporate any opportunity that comes to your head.

Apurva Batra has expanded his product to serve even the food industry with the best-fit pouches. This means the company is flexible to shift their clients depending on the season. Since the pandemic, they have been able to work online with their employees. In most time, he would ship the films and materials to the plant and back home.

The business and its employees operate in a modern hybrid. But the CEO said it was negative at some moments, a report by Forbes. When it comes to hiring quality staff members, one has to be keen. Apurva believes some applicants are impractical. So, it’s very hard to select the best talents around. You have to take time before landing the best candidate.

Risky to plan ahead

Planning about the future can be good and risky at the same time. Imagine if you had planned a future in 2018, about how your business will be thriving in two years. It’s very bad when you imagine the worst case that has just happened in the two consecutive years. At times, Apurva Batra feels like pausing, but he is still very young with much energy. It’s not the right time to let other things go. The CEO advises other entrepreneurs to be defensive when it comes to their business. MORE:

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