Music Highlight: DJ Diddy Official Makes Waves in the Hip Hop Ocean

Every so often you come across a talent, be it musical or otherwise, that you can just FEEL a strong future coming their way, and DJ Diddy Official simples exudes that official (apologies for the bad pun) vibe. After coming across some of DJ Diddy Official’s work, I just had to reach out and see […]
  • Staff Contributor
  • January 13, 2019
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Tesla will consider allowing customers to design car parts

Tesla seeks to improve customer experience Tesla will not be outsourcing their production or supplying the power of car design to any average Joe on the street, but they may create a new hands-on experience to their factory tours. Musk announced on Twitter that he will consider adding an option to the tour where factory-goers […]
  • Ben Norman
  • June 25, 2018
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