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8 Million-Dollar Rare Coins Collectors Want

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and How Does It Work?

Here are a few million-dollar rare coins for coin collectors and individuals with small riches.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, 1794.
This rare 1794–1795 coin is among the most expensive in the world. Its size and weight suggest that it was fashioned after the Spanish dollar.

Only about 150–200 of these coins remain. Instead of one dollar, it is worth $7,750,000.

1933 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle
There were 445,500 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coins; however, they were never circulated. There are currently just 13 known coins, one of which is privately kept.

This coin’s 1933 edition may be the rarest and most valuable. Stuart Weitzman owns the only private one. It was worth $7,500,000, not $20.

Liberty Head Nickel (1913)
There are just five Liberty Head V Nickels, making them extremely uncommon and precious. Many collectors hold and name these coins after them. Norweb, Eliasberg, Walton, McDermott, and Olsen contributed.

These coins are valuable even if the US Mint does not hold them. Around $4,750,000.

Class I 1804 Silver Dollar Original.
Despite their name, these rare coins were not minted until 1834 or after. This coin is divided into three classes, each of which is made differently.


This rare coin costs $6,750,000.

1787: $15 Brasher, Breast Punch.
The eagle’s breast on these uncommon coins bears Ephraim Brasher’s initials, “EB”. Few people survive today.

The coin initially cost $15. A single coin sold for $7.4 million in 2011. Another model sold for $2,415,000 in 2005.

The Umayyad gold dinar, valued at over $6 million, is highly sought-after by coin collectors. About a dozen exist, which is a remarkable number given that the currency is 1,300 years old.

This Islamic gold coin’s original value is unknown.

S. Barber Dime, 1894
The initial 1894-S Barber Dime price was $0.10. However, this unusual currency is now worth a lot more. It sold at auction for $1,440,000 in 2020.

This coin was one of 24 ever produced, but only nine remain.

$20 Liberty Gold Coin, 1849
This rare 1849 coin is definitely worth a million dollars. The coin weighs more than 33 grams and is made up of 90% gold and 10% copper. The estimated worth is $15 million.

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