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AI adoption via mobile networks

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image credit: Avira. A microscopic closeup concept of small cubes in a random layout that build up to form the word artificial intelligence illuminated on a generic smartphone – 3D render

Last week, Apple became the latest mobile phone vendor to announce AI for its OS.
Siri will include Apple Intelligence to simplify phone use. Improve Siri as a personal assistant.
Google’s Gemini AI for Pixel phones follows Samsung’s Galaxy AI.
AI will expand phone computing, boosting data generation and use. It will strain UK mobile networks including O2, EE, Vodafone, and Three.
Ian Fogg, director of network innovation at CCS Insight, believes these telecoms companies are adopting AI to survive.
Network operators dynamically regulate radio frequencies for best service using AI. Management may reduce cell tower power use during low demand.”
The world uses AI to maintain mobile phone networks. GSMA chief technology officer Alex Sinclair says AI-enabled network monitoring helps Korea Telecom find and fix faults in a minute.
AT&T in the US detects issues using predictive AI algorithms trained on billions of network warnings.

Ian Fogg claims network providers are using AI to monitor their networks.
Vodafone and other carriers evaluate network performance via AI digital twins of masts and antennas.
AI controls how massive data centers cool computers and optimize storage capacity using energy.
Another reason telecom firms globally are investing in 5G standalone mobile networks is AI’s data explosion. These use 5G infrastructure instead of 4G, which is less efficient.
5G Standalone increases speed and capacity. Other experts believe even this higher-spec equipment won’t match AI aspirations.
Many experts at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona suggested AI won’t reach its full potential until 2028’s 6G launch.
Mobile consumers only notice the network when things go wrong, but they notice lousy customer service and corporate reputational damage.
The industry expects AI may improve customer service.
The Deutsche Telekom, e&, Singtel, Softbank, and SK Telecom Global Telco AI Alliance, with 1.3 billion users in 50 countries, seeks to establish an AI chatbot for telecommunications and customer problems.
The Alliance’s developers hope this highly trained chatbot will handle most minor customer complaints, freeing up contact centre staff to address more complex cases.

Vodafone is using Azure OpenAI to improve its customer service, driven by its digital assistant Tobi, which deals with over 40 million customers a month in 13 countries and 15 languages.
By answering consumer queries without human contact, Tobi decreases complaints, boosting profits and reputation.
“We see AI primarily as a ‘virtual assistant’ for humans,” says Vodafone CTO Scott Petty. We already see AI liberating Vodafone staff from tiresome, repetitive manual tasks, letting them concentrate on more innovative ways to help consumers and the environment.
AI frees customer representatives to address tougher issues, he says. Vodafone says Azure OpenAI is helping customers find what they need on its websites, with early findings tripling successful online customer journeys and 10% fewer follow-up calls.

Many worry that AI would eliminate telecom jobs as monotonous tasks are mechanized, but GSMA’s Mr. Sinclair believes it might empower, particularly in low-income countries.
He thinks “AI will give emerging markets a specialist tool to help them catch up.” “We support democratizing AI so not only the wealthy can use it.”
Since AI doom saying is overdone, he seems more optimistic.
According to CCS Insight’s Ian Fogg, AI has been employed in telecommunications for years. Every instrument may improve with its application in networks, devices, and software.AI greens networks and boosts efficiency.


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