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Biden’s family advises him to ‘keep fighting’ while donors consider option.

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Sunday, a top campaign staffer nervously explained to donors what would happen to the campaign infrastructure if Biden resigned, stressing he had no plans to do so.

Top Democrats publicly supported President Joe Biden over the weekend, but his advisers quietly pushed back Sunday, with his campaign manager calling replacing him on the ticket messy and unrealistic.

In a tense call with 40 of Biden’s biggest financial backers, Julie Chavez Rodriguez explained what could and could not be done with the campaign’s infrastructure if the president resigned, underlining that he would not.

According to two sources, Chavez Rodriguez indicated Vice President Kamala Harris will receive most of the campaign’s large war chest. The Democratic National Committee would keep less money.

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., who joined the call, stated that the process would be “messy” and projected that Harris would be the nominee while other contributors proposed “West Wing”-like scenarios to replace Biden.

Biden advisors and campaign executives have been having similar conversations with Democratic officials and contributors after the president’s faltering debate performance rocked the party elite. Sunday’s call was one of many.

The talk was one of the more honest the campaign has had with a bigger group in recent days, addressing the delicate topic of who would succeed Biden.

Two sources said Biden campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon will host a larger donor call on Monday night.

Multiple sources say some of Biden’s family members have been frustrated with the staffers and advisers prepping the president for the debate in recent days, which carried over into the weekend. A senior Biden aide denied such claims, while a campaign official stated the president trusts his top team.

“The president’s prep aides have been with him for years, often decades, through victories and challenges. He trusts them,” Biden campaign spokeswoman Kevin Munoz told NBC News.

Sunday, the campaign highlighted voters’ and grassroots supporters’ positive or neutral response to Biden’s first debate against former President Donald Trump.

“Those dials dropped whenever Donald Trump spoke. On MSNBC, Biden campaign pollster Molly Murphy claimed Thursday’s live panels “just absolutely plummeted.” “Voters felt like the president cared about middle and working-class Americans and was more presidential, likable, and truthful than Trump.”

“It was disappointing. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said a setback is just a setting for a comeback.

Chavez Rodriguez told donors that the campaign has raised $33 million since the debate and gotten hundreds of new registrants.

Coons made a “fiery” case for Biden, citing his recent international performances and Friday’s campaign event in North Carolina to argue that Thursday’s debate was a disastrous night.

One participant claimed “a lot of the participants are frightened.” Many on the phone still supported Biden.

“The callers made some tough comments. Some contributors were irritated that they were merely hearing campaign talking points, the participant claimed. Some even requested refunds.

Another top Democratic official who has spoken directly with the president and his campaign team said he is reassured Biden will run and that his team is “powering through.”

He claimed he’s had several “one-off texts and conversations” with peers and predicted Biden’s next two weeks will be crucial.

Polls and money counts are planned. Good results suggest he stays in the contest. “If not, all bets are off,” the official stated. This will be based on data, not emotion. Too early to decide.”

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