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American Express Card (AmEx Card): Definition, Types, and Fees

Photo: American Express Card Photo: American Express Card

American Express Card (AmEx Card): Definition, Types, and Fees

An American Express card, commonly called an “Amex” card, is an electronic payment card that bears the American Express (AXP) logo and is issued by a publicly listed financial services corporation. The business issues and processes prep, charge, and credit cards. Individuals, small companies, and corporate consumers can get American Express cards everywhere, including the United States.

Knowing how to use American Express cards

American Express is the company that issues and manages American Express credit cards. Only a handful of financial service providers in the market have the capacity to both issue and handle electronic payment cards, including American Express.

A publicly listed corporation in the financial services sector is American Express. It has a wide spectrum of sector rivals because it provides network processing and credit lending services. It has the power to issue credit products, much like traditional lenders, and it offers these products in charge cards and credit cards.

The processing network used by American ExpreM.A.scompetes with Mastercard (M.A.) and Visa (V). The company’s closest rival is Discover Financial Services (DFS), a publicly traded financial services provider that provides credit loans and a processing services network. American Express sanctions across many products and makes money from interest-bg products and network processing.

Fees for American Express

Transaction processing accounts for a large amount of American Express’s income. Due to the benefits of letting clients pay with American Express, many businesses accept the cards and are prepared to pay the processing costs of each transaction.

The merchant’s acquiring bank interacts with American Express as both the processor and the issuing bank throughout an American Express transaction. Merchant-acquiring banks must collaborate with the American Express processing network to convey communications in American Express transactions. The issuer who approves and authenticates the transaction is American Express.

As part of the total expenses of a single transaction, merchants pay American Express a minor charge for its processing network services. American Express enjoys a solid reputation in the financial services sector as a processor and reliable lender.

American Express Card Types

As was already mentioned, American Express offers credit cards and prepaid debit cards to retail and business consumers. It is also a market leader in charge cards, which offer revolving credit with monthly card amounts that must be repaid.

The underwriting process for American Express charges and credit cards is routine. The organization normally does not lend to subprime customers but instead seeks clients with good to excellent credit, which entails a credit score of at least 670. The rewards point and travel bonuses offered by American Express credit and charge cards vary depending on the annual fee levied, among other factors.

Although American Express cards aren’t among the finest cash-back cards currently on the market, they may give cash back on specific transactions.
Several branded prepaid debit cards from American Express are also available. These cards can be used as gift cards or reloadable payment cards with specific uses.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card’s annual cost is $95; the Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card’s annual fee is $99; the Green Card’s annual fee is $150; the Gold Card’s annual charge is $250; and the Platinum Card’s annual fee is $550. However, no set spending caps exist for the Green, Gold, or Platinum cards. There are at least six fee-free credit cards available from American Express.

All Amex credit cards receive top marks for their customer care, with tJ.D.irm ranking J.D. PowJ.D. 2020 U.S. CreU.S.Card Satisfaction Study.

Collaborations and co-branded cards

Many cards that American Express issues are issued directly to customers, but it also collaborates with other financial institutions. For instance, Banco Santander sells American Express cards in Mexico. At the same time, Wells Fargo issued an American Express card in the United States (new applications were suspended in April 2021, although this does not affect current cardholders).

Additionally, American Express collaborates with other businesses to entice customers to apply for its credit cards. Examples include its cards co-branded with Delta Air Lines, which let customers accrue frequent flyer miles redeemable on Delta and its cards co-branded with Hilton Hotels.


  • Charge cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards, American Express cards are issued by the publicly listed financial services corporation.
  • Several benefits, including reward points, cash back, and travel benefits, may be available with an American Express card, commonly known as an “Amex” card. Co-branded credit cards include those with Delta and Hilton.
  • American Express is one of the rare businesses that both issue cards and have a network for processing card payments. Although they don’t issue cards, Visa and Mastercard have processing networks.

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