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Folio Number: Definition and Uses

File Photo: Folio Number: Definition and Uses
File Photo: Folio Number: Definition and Uses File Photo: Folio Number: Definition and Uses

What Exactly Is a Folio Number?

In the context of a mutual fund, a folio number is a special identification number for your account. The folio number serves the same purpose as a bank account number in identifying investors in a fund. Each investor’s monetary investment, transaction history, and contact information are all recorded under their unique folio number.

Alternatively, you can refer to journal pages or pieces of land by their folio number. Different brokerages and services may utilize somewhat different formulas when assigning a folio number.

Folio Number: What You Need to Know

The Latin word “folio” means “leaf” and can refer to a single sheet of paper or its page number. Folio numbers identify accounting ledger entries in chronological order. The number of an entry makes it easier to find and examine.

A system for keeping track of transactions is essential for every mutual fund. Each investor’s fee structure and the amount of money owed can only be determined using this data.

While the broker typically supports record-keeping, the fund provider may occasionally ask an investor for a number to help ensure accuracy. Obtain this number from your broker or check your investment statements. You can make as many purchases as you like using the same number, but they must be made in the same mutual fund.

The value of folio numbers extends beyond mutual funds and their unitholders, including bank creditors, attorneys, and regulators. In the event of suspected fraud, for instance, investigators will use folio numbers as part of an audit trail to determine the source and destination of specific incoming and outgoing funds and assets.

And here’s a cool thing: folio numbers can help prevent financial statement fraud! They do this by identifying and getting rid of any duplicate ledger entries. You can easily find your number on your investment statements or ask your broker for it. It’s a unique code that helps keep track of your account in a mutual fund.

Factors to Take Into Account

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  • The numbers associated with investments and other assets allow for easy tracking of these and other assets.
  • Investors, bank creditors, and lawyers regularly use numbers in the business world.
  • Account holders in a mutual fund can be traced thanks to their unique folio numbers, which are required for doing so.



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