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EA Cancels The Remaining Gaming Events In Response To Jacksonville Shooting

  • Peter Boyer
  • August 31, 2018
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Featured Image via Flickr/hectorir

Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, announced that three upcoming Madden tournaments are canceled as a result of the shooting this past weekend. Taylor Robertson, 28, and Elijah Clayton, 22, were killed while participating in a gaming event in Jacksonville Florida.

David Katz of Baltimore Maryland is the identified shooter. Katz ended his own life after his rampage. Katz was a well-known player at these kinds of tournaments and even was featured on the Bills twitter page after winning one of their competitions.

It has been reported that Katz previously was hospitalized for mental illness. His illness fell short of Maryland’s buzzer on background checks and Katz was able to buy a gun.

Many reached out to comment on the tragic event.

Former United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords issued the following statement in response to the shooting:

“The massacre in Jacksonville is a tragic reminder of the threats we face from gun violence, no matter who we are or where our day takes us and it’s yet another devastating indictment of this country’s inability to keep our kids safe.”

Donald Trump has yet to comment on the shooting and some are outraged. The New York Daily News calls it “cowardly silence”. Trump was quick to comment on the Mollie Tibbets case but has so far kept quiet about Jacksonville.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka tweeted:

“As we await further details, our hearts are with Jacksonville and all those affected by today’s tragic mass shooting.”

A gamer who goes by Drini, 19, issued the following statement about the security of gaming events:

“To have someone walk into an event like this that’s all about good sportsmanship and teamwork and just good vibes, and do something like this, it’s heartbreaking. I think the e-sports industry as a whole is going to have to step back and take a look at further strengthening our security.”

The unfortunate event adds fuel to the fire regarding the US gun debate and many are looking forward to Trump’s response.

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