Filipino Teen Creates Shoes That Can Charge a Phone by Walking

  • Jana Ruthberg
  • June 20, 2014
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As teenagers, most of us are struggling with how to cope with high school Geometry and Chemistry, but for Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year-old Philippines resident, he has far surpassed high school struggles. The teen has developed shoes that can provide a charge for your phone or any USB device, simply by walking or jogging.

Angelo explains, in his video entry to the Google Science Fair 2014, that: “The average human takes 7,000 steps a day. So I asked myself, ‘Maybe it’s possible to harvest electricity through our footsteps. Maybe I can charge my phone or my flashlight with it.’”

And indeed, the teen found a new way to generate power that, “Does not use coils, motors magnets, or anything that involves moving parts,” he explained to Yahoo News. Instead, he used two pairs of physio-electric discs on the insole of each shoe. When any type of pressure is applied to the insoles, the discs produce energy that is then channeled to the USB port, which a cellphone or electronic device can be plugged in to.

He explained to Yahoo: “We have a pair of physio-electric discs mounted back-to-back. When you make back-to-back pairs, you’re able to harvest twice the power.”

Angelo’s experiments with his device showed that with eight hours of jogging, a full charge could be achieved. In another test, after playing basketball for two hours, a 10-minute charge was obtained.

The teen asserts that the device is perfect for hikers or joggers on the go, who don’t have access to chargers or outlets, as well as for those who live in remote villages and don’t have consistent access to electricity.

While the technology is impressive for anyone, albeit, a 15-year-old, it is not completely novel. Last year, inventors released SolePower, a similar product which used an insole to charge a phone. Tests show that a mere two-and-a-half mile walk could fully charge the battery of a smartphone.




Photo: Youtube

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