Gold & Silver Pawn Shop Plans for Shopping Center Plaza

  • Megan Harrison
  • August 4, 2014
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via History Channel

Tourists often line up outside of the famous store featured on the reality TV show “Pawn Stars.” According to the Associated Press, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop co-owner Rick Harrison has planned to build a shopping center around the store in order to give customers a little entertainment for the long wait.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the new building is to resemble that of a giant Rubik’s Cube. The plan is to use Xtreme Cubes System built by Xtreme Manufacturing to build the center. The plaza is designed to contain six restaurants and roughly 16 smaller stores, which should bring more business and diversion from waiting in line.



“We have always tried to improve our customer experience while waiting in line. Now we intend to take it to the next level. We are currently working on a line system that will enable the fans to patronize Pawn Star Plaza without losing their position in line,” said Pawn Shop general manager Theo Spyer, according to Associated Press.

The idea to make the building from modular cubes was motivated by Tony Hsieh’s Container Park, which is built from shipping containers, according to Fox Business.

via AP

via AP

“It was more of the look, flexibility, ease of construction and simplicity of design that created Rick’s vision for the space,” Spyer told Associated Press.

Construction costs will amount to roughly $2 million, but he believes in the building’s strength—physically and aesthetically. “They’re solidly built and if there’s ever going to be a nuclear war, I’m going to go to the shopping center,” Harrison told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Plans for the plaza are underway, and as far as the town and surrounding public personnel are concerned, the new addition will work wonders for the pawn shop and give the long lines a new lure.




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