“Guitar Hero” is ready to give gamers a new experience

  • Joseph Schlegel
  • April 16, 2015
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It is hard to imaging after almost ten years, how the popular video game series, “Guitar Hero” could possibly reinvent themselves, and develop new ideas for a platform that has essentially seen a long stream of repetitiveness. However, Activision has high hopes for their upcoming release, “Guitar Hero: Live,” which is set to release later this year. It was just recently that fans of the games got to see the new ideas that Activision has brought to the table, which include first person stimulated point of view that makes you feel as if you are the musician yourself. Also instead of seeing a virtual crowd and band you will be able to get an authentic live perspective with the crowd being footage of real world interactions with the band and crowd.


The other huge change is the guitar controller that is going to be purchased along with the game. In the past the guitars never looked like authentic and the ‘Guitar Hero” controller always looked like a video game controller, but Activision finally understood that those playing the game want to feel like a rock star, and want to have a more authentic experience while shredding the old axe. That is why they ditched the color buttons, and made them look like the neck of a real guitar; they also have a different set of buttons entirely, and instead of just one row they now have two rows of three buttons, which will add more complexity to the game. While it is hard to get excited over the list of songs because the online streaming services for XBox and PlayStation consoles have made it possible to download all the content and songs one can ever imagine. Nonetheless, fans are still excited to see the full list of songs that will be released, which so far include songs from, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Gary Clark Jr., Green Day, The Black Keys, and a ton more.

Content Photo – Harmonix

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