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Health & Wellness Brands Exposition at the MBS Well-being Exchange & Summit, in New York City

  • Augustine Ojeh
  • June 3, 2019
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Photo Courtesy MBS WELLBEING

The Holistic (Body, Mind, and Soul) industry is focused on helping humans maintain healthy minds to increase physical health and productivity. Wellness experts emphasize that the body, mind, and spirit (or soul) are one continuum and should not be thought as separate entities. They also point that the separation of this whole human being by the mind causes most individual to be trapped in their minds and limits them from achieving greatness in various areas of their lives.

The great entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, practiced Zen Meditation during his lifetime to ensure that he kept his mind and his body united, working together to drive the forces of his body. It was reported that Jobs visited India to perfect his practice of Zen Buddhist meditation and to train himself on how to harness the highest of his brain power through the practice.

The industry has moved out of being singular to top entrepreneurs and experts providing flexible wellness services to everybody that is looking to live a more mindful life and improve the state of their well-being. Seminars and webinars are organized around the world with the sole aim of helping humans control their thinking. In other words, control their psychological life, which has a significant effect on their physiological health.

The wellness economy has diversified considerably. The industry is growing rapidly with health-conscious and organic products sprawling from everywhere.  The economy is not only focusing on building the human mind through meditations and yoga practices, but they have adopted even traditional, contemporary medicine to help improve the health of human beings. Holistic experts have embarked on a worldwide tour, and the economy has always grown its tourism arm significantly over the years valuing it at above 639 billion dollars. Also, the economy is consistently increasing its base in areas that include Fitness and Nutrition, Spa and Personal Care (Beauty and Anti-aging), Thermal Spring, and Real Estate. All these areas have collectively made up a huge Body, Mind, and Soul (Holistic) Wellness economy that was valued at 4.2 trillion dollars in 2017, a remarkable 12.8% from its 2015 valuation, as reported by the Global Wellness Economy Monitor.

wellness product use

Many brands and organizations are taking the lead in the growth of one of the fastest growing industries to-date. Around the globe, you will find various expositions and trade events with specialized sections dedicated to health and wellness. MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit is one of the upcoming events,  focuses on health essentials. Curating the best and top rated growing brands. An exclusive boutique close-knit trade event that connects a coterie of conscious people on the WELL-BEING of the MIND, BODY & SOUL. MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit event is poised to create a unique opportunity and strategic partnerships that elevate wellness products and services between the conscientious consumers, distribution outlets, influencers, financiers, retailers, and investors. With the close-knit of exclusive curated brands that fit within the theme of MIND, BODY, SOUL/SPIRIT.

The Life expectancy rate has dropped over the years. Unlike centuries back when humans lived over a hundred years, life expectancy does not exceed 71.1 years in recent years. This is due to the consistent use of inorganic products and decreased care of humans for their own body. The holistic industry is also focused on helping the human race to build a better body and consequently make a positive impact on the life expectancy of humans. There are organic products in the industry that are produced from completely natural materials and are designed to help maintain a firmer body and sounder mind. These organic products include natural food supplements, organic skincare products, fitness programs, vegan foods, beauty products, to name a few. The industry and its components are aimed at making life better for every human.

fitness program

The MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit believes that life depends on the health of your mind and the oneness of your entire being. MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit entails educational sessions, workshops led by some of the leading and emerging industry experts. Coupled with networking,  cocktail events and award showcase recognizing some of the most innovative brands and personalities in the industry. Welcoming hundreds of industry professionals, brands and thousands of keen health-conscious brand consumers, influencers and the media.

“We are not just about building brands, the world is awakening and more conscious of its well-being than ever before, and we are happy to be doing our part in promoting the cause.”  Commented Redeemer Resk “Que, Brand Strategist & Director of events. “You can be rest-assured you will discover innovative brands, industry resources, products, and services, striving to support the well-being of humanity and not just focused on making money in the greedy world we live in today. From food, fashion, fitness, books, beauty products, spiritual enlightenment, drinks and beverages that nourish the human senses.” He concludes.

The MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit is an all-day event, scheduled on  Thursday, November 21st, 2019. You will not leave the summit without knowing what it feels like to care about your looks, to relax and recuperate, develop a better fashion sense, make a healthier choice of food, and observe the relevance of fitness. You will not only watch but be guided on how to take full control your spiritual well-being, monitor your spiritual enlightenment and growth, learn and explore the potentials of nature as a whole being. Registration is open and available to the public by visiting the official website of MBS WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit today for upcoming events in New York and other cities around you.

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