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  • Hillary Clinton’s Faces “Hard Choices” – As Presidential Candidate for 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Faces “Hard Choices” – As Presidential Candidate for 2016

  • Julia Berman
  • May 30, 2014
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Hillary Clinton Hard Choices

Hillary Clinton Hard Choices -Book Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to release her political memoir, entitled, “Hard Choices”. Apparently this book will be a detailed, “inside account of the crises, choices, and challenges” which she encountered during her time as secretary of state.

The book will debut this Jun. 10. Her publisher released a 1,468-word teaser from the book on Tues., May 27, which has the population buzzing about her next move. According to sources, Clinton will not discuss the 2008 campaign or any prospective campaigns for the future, despite that the book seems to heavily suggest an upcoming one. Rather, she primarily speaks out about her years in the Obama administration that followed her loss to him in the 2008 presidential primaries

Her memoir begins with, “All of us face hard choices in our lives. Life is about making these choices, and how we handle them shapes the people we become.”

Even though Clinton does not positively declare a future run for office, many are already speculating her heavy hint at participating in one within the book. She clearly indicates that this is a possibility which she has been considering.

Clinton speaks fondly of President Obama in her accounts. She describes his leadership capabilities as inspirational, even claiming that it was among the strongest leadership that she has ever witnessed. Clinton declares that her experience in the administration resulted in an “unexpected partnership and friendship” with Obama, her former opponent.

Even though Clinton expresses her pride in her work as secretary of state she still mentions that she would like to “revisit” some of her past aspirations and decisions. Therefore, conceivably, running for president. She is already scheduled to make her first post-book appearance in Boston following the release of her book. The keynote address will be on Jun. 10 at the Food Marketing Institute’s convention at McCormick Place. She will then discuss her memoir at a Chicago Ideas Week event at Harris Theater. Jessica Malkin, the executive director of the event, said that this will be Clinton’s first public event concerning her book as far as she knows.

Clinton will discuss her book and then be interviewed by Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago. On Jun. 5 Emanuel will headline fundraisers for Clinton entitled “Ready for Hillary” in Chicago. This certainly looks like a smart way to gear up for a 2016 campaign.



Hillary Clinton Hard Choices

Hillary Clinton Hard Choices -Book Courtesy Simon & Schuster


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