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How Augmented Reality is Transforming the Retail Industry

augmented reality
Image by <a href=" Image by <a href="">Mediamodifier</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
augmented reality
Image by <a href=" Image by <a href="">Mediamodifier</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Augmented reality and other advancements in technology is an eye-opener to every entrepreneur and business professionals out on the hunt for better business opportunities and increase customer satisfaction and growth of revenue. Augmented Reality in the retail industry did not hit us as a shocker, but the rate with which it has transformed the industry is what made jaws hit the ground. Many businesses are employing AR to improve customer experience, cut business running costs, and consequently increase revenue and profit.

There are numerous ways through which AR has transformed the retail industry, and we will briefly run through the role that AR has played in these areas of retail business to improve business generally.

augmented reality in retail

“Al-Ahram Augmented Reality App” by Ahmed Abdo

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

AR is turning the consumer experience into a living fantasy with so much excitement. It is like living in an enhanced world; that’s what it is actually, an augmented reality, an enhanced reality. Customers can now navigate their way around a retail store for in-store AR businesses or can even have a full look at a product from the comfort of their home for out-store AR business operators. eBay is currently working on an AR program that will allow sellers to choose cartons for their products right from their home using the AR technology.


Gather Product Information:

Retail businesses now have all the information about a product on their shelves on their AR software. Customers can gather all the information about a product by just clicking on the product right at their smartphones. How much excitement can you get when you can have a full view of the product you want to order? You don’t have to be at the shop to get a more unobstructed view of the product. You also don’t have to be worried about getting the wrong product. You’ll see what you and getting and you get what you see. How much more can customers ask for?


Virtual Try-on:

The market is shaking; especially in the fashion industry since customers can now try products on to see if they fit. It is awe-inspiring to have your legs in brand new sneakers even when it is distant away from you. Now, this feature is driving customers crazy, and it is putting retail businesses that are tapping into this technological advancement an edge in the competitive market.


Content Marketing Advantages:

Digital marketing is the order of business marketing in the current at the moment and having your retail business juiced up with AR makes it more exciting for customers and prospects to follow what you have to say to them since they can have a first-hand experience of how it feels to be in such a retail shop. This won’t be more convincing with words; there it is, and they can even try it on from where they are. How much better can your digital marketing campaign get?


Reduce in-store Costs:

You know there were times when a big superstore like Walmart would have in-store staff standing at each aisle guiding customers to whatever products they wanted. That was a lot of cost for retail business owners, getting to pay such a large workforce, and having a crowded shop. Having Augmented Reality in the retail business has changed virtually everything in such a way that customers can be directed by their smartphones to the exact shelves where they can find the products they need while at the same time keeping records of which product is off the shelf. That is a considerable cut-down on inventory costs as well.


Technology and business are rapidly becoming inseparable in recent time, and obviously, their union is showing vivid signs that they won’t be going their separate ways in the foreseeable future.



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