Juul Use Labeled an Epidemic

  • Keith Habarta
  • September 13, 2018
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U.S. high school students have learned to expect a few things when they enter a school restroom: messy mirrors, a lack of paper towels, and about three students using a Juul. Before school starts, after school ends, or in the middle of a test– students will be Juuling in the bathroom.

The FDA has finally declared that Juul use is harmful, and the organization has recently labeled the use of E-Cigarettes as an epidemic. The FDA hopes to make E-Cigarette companies promise to ease up on marketing their products to teens.

Juul Labs, the maker of the Juul, will lose the ability to sell their flavored pods if they do not comply with the FDA. The flavored pods are more popular with teens.

Juul Labs can promise all they want. The “damage” has already been done, however, and Juul has made their money.

The teens using E-Cigarettes know about their negative health effects and in the majority of cases, they do not care. This just goes to show how far behind the government is regarding this trend. The Juul epidemic would not be as severe if the FDA had put measures in place last year. Alas, the snowball that is e-cigarettes has been allowed to accumulate speed and no amount of bad government funded acting can stop it.

CEO of Juul Labs, Kevin Burns has stated on record that his company is working to stop teens from using its products. The mission statement of the company is to provide ADULTS with a safer alternative to smoking.


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