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Larry Ellison and His Journey to Current Net Worth of $92 billion

Larry Ellison giving speech
Larry Ellison- Image from Facebook Larry Ellison- Image from Facebook
Larry Ellison giving speech
Larry Ellison- Image from Facebook Larry Ellison- Image from Facebook

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle Systems Corporation. He is an American Jewish, a businessman, and a software developer. He was born in August 1944. His father was an Italian pilot named Louis while his mother,Lilian Ellison who was Jewish.

Early childhood life

At a tender age, his aunt adopted him. The reason was that he had developed pneumonia at a tender age. He grew up in a reformed Jewish society. While young, he knew the culture and religious beliefs. At 13, he failed to get a bar mitzvah. This is a religious ceremony a child undergoes while at 13 years.


Joined the University of Illinois, while schooling his adoptive mother died. Due to school fees reason he had to drop out. He went to live in California. He got lucky to join the University of Chicago to proceed with his studies.

That’s where he developed a passion for computers. He wanted to know what the computer entailed. He met the first computer design which attracted him.

Larry Ellison with Oracle Ideas

At the age of 22, he decided to move to California. That’s the time he started working with Ampex corporation on database systems. One of the projects Larry Ellison was working on is the CIA database. Through the startup, he learned many things. He collected ideas both for the software world and for business. He came up with a relational data model for a large data-sharing system. It was the CIA project, which attracted many writers.

Together with two friends, they invested $2000 to start their database corporation. He contributed $1200, making him the biggest shareholder at the start. The startup name was later changed to Oracle Systems Corporation, initially Relational Software.

He had ambitions to create a database larger and smarter than IBM. But the rival company failed to offer him the Rs code. IBM at the time was the greatest producer of databases. Oracle was peeping its way to win the war.

IBM still dominates a larger share of the market. The mini frames and micro frames were shared among infomax, Sybase, and oracle.

Infomax came out of the blues to snatch the second position. It offered high competition to others. In a similar year, the income margin of Oracle dropped gradually. Ellison had to come up with something new, to become valuable in the market.

Ellison received the Prize for Entrepreneur of the Year Program in High Technology award. He had little time with the company, simply because he joined Apple as a director. His relationship with Steve Jobs was perfect.

The company almost went bankrupt after selling large database software for cheap prices. They did not put along with strategic business, which almost caused the company to close down.

In 2000, he resigned to focus on his Oracle company. He has been making small steps until Oracle became a multi-billion company. Oracle database systems are in 63 different languages which makes them flexible to use.

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Net Worth

Larry Ellison receives a salary of $1 like many richest people in the world. But recently before the cut-off, he used to take home $41,500,000 annually. According to Forbes‘ recent news, Larry has a net worth of $92 billion dollars which ranks him as the fifth richest individual. In 2006, he was the richest person in his state, California.

He is a self-made tycoon from America. He stepped down as CEO of Oracle in 2014. Besides, he invested in Tesla almost 3 million shares in 2018.

He once overspends until the leaked conversation with his financial advisor went viral. The advisor warned him on how he uses his money. He purchased one of the largest yachts in the world.

He is a sports guy, in 2011 he tried to buy an NBA club, but his offer was not accepted. Likewise, he offered the same amount to the Golden State Warriors but never accepted. He owns a beautiful basketball stadium. He bought the largest real estate in US history in 2004. Likewise, he owns 98% of Hawaiian island and lanai, a cool place for weddings. This is according to

Bike racing and skiing games are what he likes. He has had several injuries leading to surgery but has never been out of those games.

Personal Life

He married Melanie Craft in 2003 on the Woodside estate. Steve Jobs was the cameraman at this wedding. They had two children, David and Megan, before their divorce in 2010.

Larry Ellison as a Philanthropist

He once got treatment after a bicycle crash, then donated $5 million for skeletal research. In 2004, he donated $151,092,103 to charity organizations, a project for the wealthiest people in the world. He also donated $200 million in May 2016 to establish a research center for cancer.

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