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Nintendo Reports Fiscal Loss Even with Wii U Tripling in Sales

Nintendo is struggling to keep business afloat as its first fiscal quarter loss nearly doubled when compared with the same quarter the previous year, according to The Wall Street Journal. The videogame corporation has had a difficult time making ends meet in the recent months, and this quarter does not seem to show any promise either.

Even with Wii U tripling in sales, the company still managed to suffer a $93.1 million overall operating loss, according to TechCrunch. Nintendo distributed 510,000 Wii U units, but this still fell short of expectations.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo 3DS sales decreased 41 percent in the last year as well, and hand-held software sales dipped 22 percent. Even the introduction of “Mario Cart 8” could not save the company from its lack of profit. According to Joystiq, this racing game brought in roughly 2.82 million shipments. However, the majority of these transactions were done so by existing users, not new buyers.

What is driving this monetary downfall is not entirely evident yet, but Nintendo is in deep trouble if sales do not begin to improve—especially during the holidays. Joystiq reported that neither “Kirby: Triple Deluxe” nor “Tomodachi Life” were released during the first fiscal quarter, and Nintendo finds both of these to be positive additions.

“Looking ahead, Nintendo said it expects to continue producing ‘robust’ profits from the system with the upcoming ‘Pokemon Sapphire’ and ‘Ruby’ remakes, as well as ‘Super Smash Bros.’ in October,” Joystiq reported.

It is difficult to determine if these programs will bring a rise in sales to the Nintendo business and save it from slipping beneath competitor realms. Nintendo insists its upcoming releases will bring life to the struggling business.


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