‘Orange Is The New Black’s’ Yael Stone On Its Authentic Sex Scenes

  • Jana Ruthberg
  • June 24, 2014
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Yael Stone opened up to Huffington Post about the graphic sex scenes she performed in Netflix’s hit drama series, “Orange Is The New Black,” calling the “authentic” scenes a “privilege” to be a part of. Stone plays inmate Lorna Morello, a young Long Island native who is completely lovesick over her “fiancé” Christopher.

Throughout the first season, the Aussie actress had quite a few realistic sex scenes, which she enjoyed and backed as necessary to the plotline. She told Huffington Post: “The sex scenes are also a privilege, and we have to see it that way. If it’s written by great people – these people that write the show are really smart — we can trust them. I do feel those scenes are really necessary. It’s a big part of prison life. It’s a big part of our lives as human beings.”

She continued to expand on the authenticity of the OITNB sex scenes, noting that: “It’s great to be able to go into those private moments and try and be authentic with that, rather than some arched back, like wild orgasms. What are the awkward moments? What are the moments when you’re like, ‘You know what, I kind of don’t want to do this anymore? That’s what I’m interested in. We are very much people; we are very much women – real women.”

When asked whether the actress was comfortable and experienced with sex scenes, she admitted she doesn’t view herself as a very sexy person, but she has had a few experiences with them before. She even confessed to Huffington Post that she “did [her] first sex scene before [she’d] actually had sex in real life.”

While the star bared it all in the first season, she said in the second season there’s a little “less flesh, maybe more connection.” The second season dives more into her characters background, noting the criminal side of the seemingly sweet and innocent Lorna Morello.










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