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Study Shows That Obamacare Provides for Millions

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has brought health care to millions across the nation. Obamacare has provided subsidies to Americans with low or moderate income Last year almost thirteen percent of Americans went without health care due to expensive prices. That percent dropped by three percent since 2013.
The cost of healthcare has increased significantly in the past years, but the Affordable Care Act has made billions of dollars available to aid in the extension of Medicaid, which is used as coverage by a majority of Americans.
Republican leaders, along with President-elect Donald Trump, are planning to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act starting next year. One of their aims is toward the escalation of healthcare premiums. However, Commonwealth Fund reports that the healthcare act has provided benefits in medical care and even prescription drugs, making Americans in over thirty states unable to claim the high cost of health coverage prevented them seeing a doctor. It has also provided coverage for an estimated 20 million Americans who previously found themselves uninsured.
The percent of adults who said that the cost of healthcare prevented them from getting coverage dropped from nineteen percent in 2013 to just twelve percent in 2015 in the state of Kentucky. The same can be said for California. However, states like Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas all said that the percent of adults who went without healthcare increased. It seems, however, that states who attempted to impeded the Affordable Care Act were the ones to see the rise in number of adults who said they had trouble affording health coverage in 2015.

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