KFC Malaysia shows support for International Women’s Day

It is always nice to receive news regarding events that celebrate and demonstrates appreciation towards women. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the KFC divisions in Malaysia have appointed a female figure as the new face of the company. The guest of honor in the discussion is Claudia, Colonel Sanders’ second wife whom he met through their former employment relationship. She was employed as a server at Sanders Café, Colonel Sanders’ first dining establishment – as revealed by Business Insider. Subsequently, Claudia became a prominent figure due to her contribution and role in the success of the fast food franchise that is now available across the world.

 “Mrs. Sanders played a very important role in the success of KFC. While the Colonel was busy promoting his chicken and running the company, she took orders in the restaurant, mixed the secret blend of herbs and spices, and as you know, in those days there were no courier services, so she had to take the orders to the train station for shipping,” Merrill Pereyra, the CEO of QSR Brands, the corporation that KFC establishments in Malaysia ultimately belongs to, conveys to audience in a video posted on Youtube.

This video, aside from justifying the move, serves as an introduction to Claudia.

Claudia played an integral part in the business and is no stranger to the general public. As a matter of fact, she has had previous encounters with the media.

In an early interview with Claudia, the Associated Press quoted, “While he was out selling, I was home doing the work.”

Claudia’s significant contribution is clearly acknowledged and illustrated in her obituary produced by the Associated Press back in 1997.

”We could not have been the company we are now without Claudia’s contributions,” David Novak, KFC’s president and chief executive expresses with gratitude.

No matter how far women have come in terms of achieving equal rights in legal proceedings, the progress in society and political aspects remain ostensible. We have arrived at an era in which women are contending for equal treatments in our daily lives. This is an aspect that does not have an exact standard of measurement, which is why an event like this is significant.

“To all women of KFC and the world out there, we would like to say that your future is always bright, equal, safe and rewarding. Keep inspiring us and impacting lives and thank you for all your hard work and contribution to our community, family and this organization,” Pereyra coherently articulated the firm’s attempt to show appreciation and gratitude towards women’s effort in the workplace and domestically in an interview with Marketing magazine.

This, nonetheless, is not the first demonstration of female appreciation by the KFC branches. Prior to the appointment of Claudia as the face of the company, the role of a female Sanders had belonged to another. Reba McEntire the mascot was the first appointed female counterpart of Colonel Sanders. This evidently shows KFC’s effort in advocating for gender equality. Following closely behind is another fast food chain, Mcdonalds. In honor to the International Women’s Day, McDonalds have decided to rotate the prominent ‘M’ in its logo into a ‘W’. This advertising strategy centers on the idea of ‘W’ for women.

Amidst of these strategic marketing move (and as a tribute to Claudia), many have criticized the inadequacy of their efforts. They feel that the one-day occurrence is not sufficient for the advocacy of women’s rights. Be that as it may, we should all appreciate the effort involved. Much like the fight for every other cause, we need to take it one step at a time. Regardless of the extent of a move, some is always better than none.

Let us continue to advocate and contend for gender equality and look forward to making more progress.

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Your new favorite beauty store: how Ulta beat Sephora

In 2013, beauty store chain Ulta welcomed a new CEO in Mary Dillon and ever since its star has been on the rise, Digiday notes.

It wasn’t long ago that Ulta was considered something along the lines of an expanded drugstore beauty aisle, while Sephora was considered to be the market leader in beauty. French giant Sephora has long held the preeminent position among beauty retail chains thanks to its wide roster of prestige beauty brands.

But Ulta evolved its own market strategy which allowed it to overtake Sephora in the beauty market in 2015, as reported by Bloomberg. So what’s Ulta’s strategy?

The popular beauty store stocks a mixture of less-expensive drugstore beauty brands and more-expensive prestige beauty brands. They offer products you could find at your local Walgreens as well as lines carried at Sephora and upscale department stores.

Urban Decay can be found gracing the beauty store’s shelves, and it recently made a deal to start working with MAC Cosmetics. Ulta has thus turned itself into a one-stop-shop for high-low beauty mavens. As its slogan runs: “All things beauty. All in one place.”

Additionally, Ulta developed an app to interface with guests. The app features makeup tutorial videos, and allows guests to try on makeup with its service “GlamLab.” It also allows guests to book in-store services for hair, brows, and skin. As of today, Sephora’s app has 535 ratings on the App Store, while Ulta’s app has 38,794.

Ulta also rejuvenated its previously-stale loyalty program. It made the program easier for guests to understand in order to cultivate long-term customers and repeated transactions. Last week at Boston’s eTail East conference, Ulta’s senior director of loyalty marketing Linh Peters stressed the importance of simplicity and ease of use in loyalty programs. That’s why, Peters claimed, 90 percent of Ulta’s business comes from loyalty program members.

Let’s look at how Sephora’s and Ulta’s respective loyalty programs differ.

In Sephora’s loyalty program, called Beauty Insiders, guests accrue points for every dollar spent. They can then trade those points and choose from a limited selection of mini beauty products, deluxe samples and in-store services.

Ulta’s loyalty program dispenses with the prizes and instead offers simple store credit, which means real savings for the customer. This way, guests can buy luxury brands cheaper than at Sephora, which rarely offers material discounts. Ulta also has a marketing team that works to offer targeted promotions to guests based on past shopping behavior.

Ulta has taken advantage of its boom in business to expand its store locations in flourishing strip malls, even as actual malls struggle.

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