Coca-cola introduces a healthy alternative

In an era dominated by the millennials, the demand for certain goods and services have dropped as millennials are known to have a more distinct preference compared to previous generations. As a result, suppliers are attempting to come up with new products that are in compliance with the effective demand. Surveys have found that 42 […]
  • Crystal Ng
  • March 14, 2018
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Longer commutes are making workers feel lonelier than ever

Commuting sucks and new research proves it. A study conducted by the University of the West of England, “Commuting and Wellbeing,” suggests that long commutes are having a negative impact on workers’ mental health and job satisfaction. The study, which was sponsored by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council, was conducted between February 2016 […]
  • Kirsten Loose
  • November 2, 2017
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Studies Show Millennials Are Making Less Than Baby Boomers

Studies are showing that millennials are earning 20 percent less than baby boomers at the same stage of life, despite being an overall better-educated group, with more opportunities for further education. At $10,090, the median net worth of millennial is also 56 percent less than it was for boomers. The advocacy group Young Invincible released […]
  • Anahit Moumjian
  • January 16, 2017
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Millennials Becoming Stay-Home Nation

The recession that started in 2008 is still affecting people today. Though job growth has been on a steady upward climb and the stock market has as well, the hardship is still fresh in peoples minds. And it has affected the “mobile” population in America to stay still. Those who are under 35 have typically […]
  • Ben Feinstein
  • May 19, 2014
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