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Tehzeeb Lalani, a Female Indian CEO, Scale Beyond Scale

Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook
Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook
Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook
Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook Tehzeeb Lalani-imae from facebook

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Tehzeeb Lalani is a young female entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. She is an alumnus of New York University, where she studied Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies. Currently, Lalani is running her consultant urgency called Scale Beyond Scale.

Daily, she guides clients on various health issues and topics. For example, she has dealt with many clients who want to cut weight due to diabetics and other heart diseases. Tehzeeb Lalani has dealt with more than 300 clients who suffer from different diseases. At one point, she conducted a 60-week curriculum, intensive Dietitians and Nutritionists for private practices. From the program, 80 students have managed to make it to the last day of graduation. Others have even set up their nutrition business.

Tehzeeb Lalana has been an active writer for various top magazines to add to her success. Some of them are HealthBiz, B Positive, Health Me Up, Diabetes Health, Happiness, and The Free Press. In addition, she has been able to appear as a guest on various TV channels like Care World and Zee Business TV. Furthermore, she has appeared on almost all Indian radio, like The Mid-Day and The Economic Times.

As a hobby, Lalani spends her time doing social work, taking yoga challenges, and speaking French. Other times she will wake up early for cooking experiments. 

Immediately after I graduated from New York University with a Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies degree, I went back to my country in India. I had set up my mind to help people live a positive lifestyle. I remember a certain lecture saying, “look at the bigger picture,” and the slogan has lingered in my mind. 

The main problem with people is their minds to get short-term results. Nothing comes instant. Indeed, people feel better about losing 100 grams, but they become bitter when they gain even 75 grams. So, I wanted to come in and fix this issue. And after deep thoughts, I came up with the “Scale Beyond Scale.” As the name suggests, we investigate deeper than the weighing scale. 

Those who have consulted my organization will understand that we will not focus on weight too much. Instead, we move around the topic to investigate the best way to translate daily activities into healthy lifestyles.

My typical day is never predicted. Every day has its different activities. At exactly 4:45 am, I am awake. This is the best moment for meditation. By 6:30 am, I make a heavy breakfast. From 7:00 am, I will brainstorm various ideas because my mind is always fresh in the morning. Emails are another important task. I schedule appointments with clients and work on creative work. Sometimes I do follow-up activities to see what my team has achieved. 

The morning follow-up activities make people work hard on their goals. My team is set up to start working even without my physical presence. From 8:00 am, I join yoga classes for the next 1 hour and 15 minutes. After that, I come back to the house for a cold shower then leave for my office. The rest of the day is about responding to emails, calls, attending virtual meetings, and solving mere problems.

I love morning hours because from 10:00 am, my mind is never productive. The early hours help to plan my task for the day.

Just like every professional, ideas come in an awkward moment. Even during vacations, where I set my business mind to a negative halt, ideas will always pop up. However, sometimes they will ring up at night, so I go ahead and write them down. Then I will spend more than 1-hour brainstorming about it. 

The only thing I can’t do is force myself to an idea. If something is worthy, It will take a short time to convert it into a real solution. It is always difficult to turn most of the ideas into real things. I set a deadline for each idea, and then I will work hard to achieve it within that period. Sometimes I will sit down with my team to discuss it. I believe two minds are better than one. So when we discuss something, I learn a lot from various people. Sharing a piece of mind is essential.

The trend that fascinates me is that people have started moving far away from the weight loss mindset. Instead, it’s best to think about the diet you consume and the lifestyle you live. It’s more of sanity and less vanity. When you filter your life and wear a positive mindset, you will live a greater life.

To remain productive, I do the following: Wake up early and work on essential tasks before 10:00 am. Second, yoga practice is something that refreshes my mind. Third, I always set my mind to remain flexible. When my day is not busy, I will take a break in the afternoon to focus on other things outside my business. Sometimes I visit a friend, have fun, read a book, get a massage or make new pals.

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Tehzeeb Lalani gets a reward from eNlight – image from facebook.jpg

To a younger Tehzeeb Lalani, imposter syndrome affects almost everyone. But you don’t have to give up. Keep working on what you are doing. So don’t shy away from asking for help. When you are afraid, the situation worsens. But when you share a problem, the situation gets much better. It is ambiguous to predict what will happen tomorrow. The best thing is to go over and perform your duty. Play your part, and the rest will come. It’s okay when you feel like you want to do more; it’s part of growth.

I have something awkward that people won’t agree with, but it’s the reality. You are killing many natural bacteria when you take a shower daily. This is my profession, and you have to come along with me. Then, some complex carbohydrates that you only read in books are very healthy for your health. Your body needs those micronutrients for human function. Finally, if you experience a blanket ban, know some nutrients have been irritated, and you may end up with a certain deficiency.

For entrepreneurs make as many mistakes as possible. There is always room for failure. But never sleep on the ground when you topple. Instead, wake up and try again; tomorrow, you will be a hero.

The top strategy that has helped my business grow is being courageous and able to speak in front of people about what I do. Furthermore, I always over-deliver when I am dealing with a patient. This helps in building trust. When they are satisfied with my treatment, they will refer their friend to my business.

That’s true, and I have failed more than 50 times. At one point in my life, I woke up and realized my only job was counseling and dealing with patients. It’s okay because that is where my passion lies, but having a single source of income is very dangerous. That pushed my boundaries, and I had to start another company. With my co-founder, we have online courses where a client enrolls after paying a small fee.

To my audience, I have some business ideas for you:

  • You can try running weekend wellness retreats because most people will break to enjoy their two days on vacation.
  • Also, you could set up a local farm to train people about urban folks.
  • The last idea is to set up a homemade snack and deliver the service to office workers.

If you give me $100 now, I will visit the bookshop to purchase three books. Reading is like an investment in the brain. The amount of time I spend on reading a single book, I believe, is worth the knowledge I gain. Likewise, yoga classes are also an investment.

To the software industry, I do enjoy the work of google calendar. I will schedule many meetings, and I won’t forget to remind myself about them. 

Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas wrote a good book titled “The Dark Horse“. This is for those people who like reading. The book talks about the rough road to achieving great success. The way entrepreneurs fail and pick up for the next journey. But, unfortunately, in life, there is no smooth path.

Gertrude Stein once said, “When you get there, there is no there.” It means once you achieve your goal, your eyes open wide. You realize that you need to do more and achieve another goal. 

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