Tesla’s New Fees for Supercharger Stations

  • Sharnita Sanders
  • December 18, 2016
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In a way to prevent misuse of Tesla’s Superchargers, the company will be establishing an “idle” fee. This new program was developed to open the charging station for other owners. This way, instead of arriving at the charging station and finding a fully charged car sitting at the charging station the owner will have to move their vehicle in order to prevent a fee.

Tesla stated that the new fee will charge users $0.40 every additional minute that their car remains connected to the charging station after it is fully charged. If the driver retrieves their vehicle within a five-minute frame, they pay nothing. Tesla said that the “idle” fee is purely about increasing customer happiness and we hope to never make any money from it.”

Tesla also announced that starting January of 2017 all Tesla owners will be charged a fee for using the Supercharger stations. However, owners would receive 1,000 miles of credits to use toward free charges for longer distance journeys.

Tesla’s new charges for idle vehicles will cause owners to have to keep a closer eye on their vehicles when they’re resting at Supercharger stations. In a valid point, Tesla commented saying that a driver “would never leave a car parked at a gas station right at the pump and the same rule applies with Superchargers.”

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