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Thousands of Gallons of Red Bull Pour Onto Interstate

  • Brianna Kwasnik
  • July 9, 2014
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via Kate Nicole/WTLV First Coast News

Red Bull’s wings aren’t as strong as many initially thought. Red Bull addicts everywhere gasped upon hearing the news of thousands of gallons of Red Bull being wasted as it spilled across the Florida I-95 Interstate on Monday night, July 7.

As reported by the Associated Press,  the accident occurred about an hour southeast of Orlando, near Rockledge, when the Red Bull truck, which was hauling more than 30,000 pounds, collided with a stationary vehicle. The driver transporting the Red Bull had tried to change into the center lane to avoid a disabled semi truck parked on the side of the road. Upon reentering the right lane, the Red Bull truck sideswiped the stationary semi. The Red Bull truck’s trailer burst open, and the beloved energy drink spilled out across the Interstate.

No injuries were reported from either driver, but the truck driver was ticketed for his failure to maintain a single lane.

One anchor from WTLV in central Florida joked that now they would be forced to increase the speed limit.

This sounds like every caffeine-addict’s worst nightmare.


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