Tracy Morgan in ICU After 6-car crash

  • Julia Berman
  • June 8, 2014
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Comedian Tracy Morgan, 45, is in critical condition following an accident in his limo bus. The multi-vehicle crash took place in New Jersey early this Sat., Jun.7, morning.

Apparently, the accident was so terrible that the limo bus had overturned. The accident occurred around 1a.m. The collide on the New Jersey Turnpike involved a bus, a sports utility vehicle, two tractor trailers, and two other vehicles. A passenger in the limo bus, James McNair, died during the crash. Three men aside from Morgan are also in critical condition. One passenger is in “fair condition”. The two other occupants sustained no injuries.

Williams commented on the accident to CNN, saying it, “Looks like one of the tractor-trailers may have rear-ended that limo bus, but that’s preliminary at this time.” He added that although the investigation will look into alcohol involvement in the incident, it does not seem to be a contributor.



Morgan was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Center, in New Brunswick, by helicopter. Gregory Williams, NJ state police spokesman said that his condition was critical and he currently remains in the ICU.

Morgan grew up with four siblings and his mother in Brooklyn where he helped raise and support his family. As a teen he did comedy on the streets to help aid his family’s welfare income. He has been struggling with alcoholism and even been arrested on drunk driving charges. He described his comedic talent as a “defense mechanism” for his circumstances.

Morgan had done a stand-up gig on Friday night, Jun. 6., at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Delaware. It seems probable that he was returning to his house in Bergen County, NJ. The section of the accident on the Jersey Turnpike road was closed until 6:30 a.m.

Celebrities have demonstrated their support of Morgan and hope for his recovery through twitter. Co-host of ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie”, Jemele Hill, wrote, “Saying a prayer for @RealTracyMorgan. He was a guest on @ESPN_Numbers a few weeks ago. Very sweet and talented person.” Meanwhile, Jay Mohr, a friend of Morgan’s from “Saturday Night Live” wrote, “I’m from NJ. For the Turnpike to be closed for hours is incredibly, frighteningly rare,”€ he tweeted. “€œI love you @RealTracyMorgan. No more comics, God.”






Photo: Image from Tracy Morgan Sorry for Anti-Gay Rant


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