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Uber Drivers Join Fight for $15

Uber drivers have decided to take to the picket lines alongside many airport, fast food, and part time workers who are seeking better pay and benefits. Uber’s drivers in over a dozen cities across the U.S. plan to join the labor movement Fight for $15

The company settled two class action lawsuits for $84 million dollars back in April. The drivers in these two cases argued their status as independent contractors and wanted the benefits, they felt they were unjustly denied, that came along with being an employee. Despite the large chunk of cash Uber had to pay out, the terms of the settlement were that the drivers had to keep their independent contractor status.

While cities like Detroit, Los Angeles, and Huston are just a few of the cities that will see demonstrations on this national day of protest. However, it is reported that the central focus of these demonstrations by Fight for $15 will be airports in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Boston to name just a few. Drivers will stand next to airport workers which will prove trouble for those who are looking for a ride. VentureBeat new site says, “They’ll be non-responsive at San Francisco International Airport, walking alongside airport and fast-food workers with signs saying ‘Your Uber Driver is Striking.’”

All of this is set to take place on Tuesday at over 19 airports that have an estimated number of 2 million people who pass through daily. This Fight for $15 demonstration is rumored to be their largest protest yet. The group has won wage increases for over nine cities since its foundation. While it seems only coincidental that this demonstration comes after Donald Trump’s election, Fight for $15 has made no secret of their opposition on policies that deport immigrants, decrease wages, and trample healthcare.

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