Walmart Competes with Amazon’s Prime Day

  • Joanna Mei
  • July 12, 2016
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To compete with Amazon’s Prime Day, Walmart is offering five days of free shipping with no minimum purchase starting on July 11.

Prime Day is a sales event for Amazon Prime members providing members with discounts on kindles, tablets, headphones, hover boards, etc. In 2015, Amazon earned more from Prime Day than on Black Friday, a sales day to finish off the season’s shopping. Amazon is expecting its next annual Prime Day sales to exceed last year.

Walmart isn’t sitting back while Amazon is making the big bucks. Following Amazon’s lead, Walmart is taking advantage of its online shoppers. Walmart wants to keep its customers from straying and attract new customers by using its online platform.

With Walmart’s declining online sales growth, Walmart wants to strengthen its e-commerce business. Walmart’s sales on their website and mobile app have decreased by ten percent from last year (seventeen percent to seven percent.

While Amazon is only targeting their Amazon Primer members, Walmart is targeting all of its customers. Walmart tackled Amazon’s initiative stating, “We believe saving money every day is better than just one, and that all customers should save, not only some.”

Walmart’s free shipping offer is an addition to the recently implemented thirty day trial of ShippingPass. ShippingPass is an unlimited shipping program that costs forty-nine dollars per year. Walmart reported that registrations for ShippingPass quadrupled since last week’s offer.

Last year, Walmart competed with Amazon’s Prime Day with a three-month sale. This time, Walmart wants to be more targeted and is aiming to offer discounts on its electronics to its furniture.

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