More Efforts by Google and Amazon to Stop Fake Reviews

  • Mania Joseph
  • August 11, 2021
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Reviews- Fake Reviews

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Some businesses may lose their markets after a customer raised concerns over Fake reviews. At the time, you might find a product on Amazon with a five-star rating but with many negative comments. The Competition and Markets Authority is very concerned about the fake reviews, the report by bbc.

Competition and Markets Authority Research on Fake Reviews

The two giant companies recently confirmed that they have policies that govern reviews. However, they might face court charges about going array with consumers information. The CMA conducted research last year about fake reviews. They have collected enough data to prove these allegations. An investigation took place to identify if these firms were taking care of consumers’ welfare.

The Covid-19 outbreak led to the closing of many physical shops. Some companies prefer selling their goods using Google or Amazon platforms. Various products on Amazon have received negative comments over getting fake five-star ratings.

Reviews talk louder than any factor when it comes to choosing the best product out of many. Most customers will look for a similar product and choose the one with the highest reviews. A product may contain positive or negative information, then a review below it.

“Our worry is that millions of online shoppers could be misled by reading fake reviews and then spending their money based on those recommendations,” said CMA chief executive Andrea Coscelli.

CMA executive Andrea Coscelli says it’s unfair for some businesses to fake high star ratings. Such issues discourage competitors who might lose the market due to inferior competition. This is where giant companies should come in to resolve such issues. They should ensure all reviews posted are from real, experienced customers.

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Companies Paying for Fake Reviews

Some businesses pay people to write a positive comment on their products with five-star reviews. Even on the Google Play Store, developers pay people to rate their apps higher to get more downloads. We have some areas where CMA found a person giving a five-star review of almost 5 products from one company. This creates enormous suspense. How can a single person buy similar products from one company at the same time?

CMA also confirmed that the companies are working towards limiting suspicious fake reviews. Amazon and Google should punish those companies or withdraw their product. But no tech companies are willing to lose their clients. CMA officials said they are on the upper hand to make sure they protect consumers’ laws.

However, the CMA has not reported whether one or all of the two companies had made a mistake. Amazon defended themselves through their spokesman. He said they always abide by the law to remove fake reviews from misleading their customers. The company said it would collaborate with CMA to fight against fake reviews from paid partners.

“reviews must be based on real experiences” Google Policy.

The giant tech company Google said it has automatic software that identifies fake reviews. Google confirmed that if they find such a case, they usually disable users’ accounts. It promised to work together with CMA to protect final consumers’ freedom.

Consumer Reports on Fake Reviews

A consumer group reported a particular company that provides industries with fake reviews. That company’s job is to provide positive reviews in exchange for a lump sum of money. At around 13 Euros, your business products get a five-star review. The company mainly performs the job on Amazon Marketplace. Some managers from great industries end up spending even 620 Euros for 50 -five-star ratings. It was a piece of perfect information that CMA congratulated the consumer group.

The CMA is still following up on this matter. If those companies are found guilty, they will have to pay a large sum of money. All in all, the greatest players in the game are Amazon and Google. They should ensure they provide perfect security for their sites. Tight rules might curb misguiding information on product reviews. Customers are always the priority of any business.


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