Best Free iPhone Business Apps

  • Vladimir Sumina
  • May 3, 2019
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Smartphones have long since taken on the role of – among other things – miniature, portable computers we carry almost everywhere we go, and have with us all the time. Because of this, they are an indispensable tool when it comes to business. With so many useful apps at our disposal, smartphones of today are used for so much more than just making calls and sending out emails.

These are but a couple of iPhone apps that are sure to be useful for any entrepreneur.



With so much of the modern workforce – especially in tech – being remote, having a way to keep the channels of communication open for everyone involved is crucial. Slack lets you do just that since it provides an easy to use the instant messaging platform you can calibrate to suit your needs. Open separate groups (one for design, one for the front end, etc.), set up automatic reminders, and much more.

The free version comes with several drawbacks: only 10.000 of the most recent messages are visible (the rest are archived and can’t be accessed on the free plan), members get 5 GB of storage, and it only supports up to ten add-ons. But if you don’t go completely overboard and if you don’t keep all the important discussions and files only in Slack – which you definitely shouldn’t – it can be a great all-purpose messaging app.



For those times when you need to have a video call, nothing beats Skype. While this app has run into a couple of issues in recent years (since it was acquired by Microsoft), with fairly regular downtimes and bugs, it is still the go-to standard, and people around the world use it – although sometimes begrudgingly.


Facebook Pages Manager

Business, especially small and local ones, have to maintain a strong social media presence if they want to remain profitable. Because many businesses consist of several different pages on Facebook, it can quickly become a bit confusing to keep track of them all.

That’s where this app comes in – with it, you can easily switch back on forth on the pages you admin, and reply to comments and messages, as well as post updates, photos, and videos.



Pipedrive is an app that focuses on sales, so if you are a very sales-oriented business, this app will help you organize your contacts and optimize your sales processes. Of course, it also comes with many handy features, such as reminders and templates.


A great choice for smaller businesses, this Project Management and CRM (Customer-relationship management) app, praised for its many powerful features and accessibility



Every business needs to have a good email campaign in order to be successful, and MailChimp has been the undisputed king of emails for over a decade.

With plenty of templates that allow just about anyone to make email campaigns, add and remove subscribers from mailing lists, and reporting options that will let you analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can’t go wrong with using MailChimp.

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