Facebook being charged in UK for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook’s back is against the wall yet again On Tuesday, UK authorities announced that Facebook will be charged £500,000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. According to the authorities, Facebook failed to keep data of its users safe, and simultaneously, it did not inform users of how Cambridge Analytica used their data for political gain. In March, […]
  • 7 Days ago

Facebook Apologizes For Flagging The Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech

Facebook has apologized for flagging pieces of the Declaration of Independence as hate speech. The post was published by The Vindicator, a newspaper located in Texas, and included several sections of the document. After only minutes, Facebook’s algorithm for deleting hate speech flagged the post and took it down. The term “Indian Savages” set off […]
  • 10 Days ago

Facebook will discontinue drone project

Facebook steps back from drone project Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will no longer pursue the Aquila program, the internet-drone project it launched in 2014. The object of the drones was to send Internet down from the sky to anywhere in the globe. Facebook built and tested a droned successfully in 2015, but the […]
  • 21 Days ago

RAICES Fundraiser Soars to New Heights

The separation of immigrant families is touching the hearts of people around the world. Hundreds of thousands of donations have rolled in, totaling more than $19.4 million in less than a week. The Facebook fundraiser is called “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child”. The fundraiser launched on Sunday, June 17th and the target is […]
  • 26 Days ago

Instagram announces IGTV to compete with YouTube

We’re live with IGTV Social media platform Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will unveil a new application, IGTV, that allows users to produce longer, 4K videos. Currently, Instagram only allows its users to produce 60-second videos – this new app puts it in the same ballpark as YouTube and far past Snapchat. IGTV gives […]
  • 28 Days ago

Congress investigating Google-Huawei ties

Social media and tech firms are in hot water Senator Mark Warner reported on Thursday that his office sent a letter to Alphabet to inquire about its relationship with Chinese technology firms like Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer. Twitter and Facebook will also be investigated. According to CNNMoney, the Senate Intelligence Committee will […]
  • 1 month ago

Facebook shares data with phone manufacturers

One step forward, two steps back for Facebook The New York Times reported Sunday that Facebook has partnerships with phone manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung that allow the companies to access user data. This includes information about education, work history, relationship status, political views, and religion. Phone manufacturers can then use this information to […]
  • 1 month ago

Twitter Joins S&P 500

Don’t sleep on Twitter Five years after its initial public offering, Twitter will join the S&P 500. Twitter will replace Monsanto as the latest company in the S&P 500, a stock market listing of the largest companies traded on the NYSE. Bayer will buy seed and pesticide firm Monsanto for $65 billion on Thursday. Bayer […]
  • 1 month ago

Facebook is changing its advertisement policy

Facebook will collect Social Security numbers for political ads Facebook announced last week that it will require the last four digits of a Social Security number, a US address, and a government-issued ID from anyone who wants to run a political advertisement. After Facebook verifies the submitter’s information, Facebook will send a verification code, which […]
  • 2 Months ago
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