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BioNTech Co-founder Tereci Promised to Manage Covod19

covid-19 vaccine- by BioNtech company
Covd-19 vaccine- Image from Pixabay by ronstlk

The chief officer and co-founder of BioNTech was interviewed by CNBC last week. The German firm’s founder said people should walk away from their fears. Of course, the virus will stay with us, but at one point it will disappear.

BioNTech and Pfizer were the first health companies to develop the covid-19 vaccine. Dr. Ozlem Turreci has promised that the journey to managing the virus has started. Many companies are working together to come up with the best ways to manage covid.

Despite giving hope, she said the virus will transform with people. As we force ourselves into our past normal life, we will have to carry it. It’s here to live for a few years. Although by now, no one should be scared of death. The vaccines are strong enough to support and fight immunity. He urged everyone to at least get a vaccine to stay on the safer side.

As per the variant Covid-19 virus coming up, she confirmed that it’s true. Their Covid-19 virus is evolving now and then. People should expect more samples that are resistant to some vaccines. She admitted that the BioNTech team is at the forefront, learning about those mutations. The current variants are very different from the original virus. But the distributed boosters made in the vaccine can fight back and protect the body.

Daily, the team involves screening the virus to detect the variants. For the company to be productive, it must be fast in learning. They should be one step ahead of the Covid-19 virus. Regulators help them to perform dry tests.

Before Covid-19, the company specialized in immunotherapy for cancer medicines. They used messenger ribonucleic acid technology to make the body stimulates the immune response. The same team also worked on the Malaria vaccine. Malaria has been one of the killer diseases mainly in Africa.

These studies gave them an edge over other health companies. They had much knowledge about the immune mechanism. In addition, the use of technology in their company boosted the research. Many industries are working with giant tech companies to find solutions to many diseases.

The mRNA technology allowed them to use it as a vaccine format. It can communicate with the immune system. The immune system will respond to any awkward virus quickly. The technology had been used for many years, so it was easier to produce accurate results. BioNTech has a team of technicians who know how to treat patients using mRNA technology. Furthermore, the is another team with the knowledge of manufacturing any recommended drugs.

All of this knowledge has helped the company develop the Covid-19 vaccine in less than 1 year. Many countries prioritized their drugs, a report by the co-founder. From that, she learned a lot of lessons. If they use the knowledge, for future projects, they can achieve a lot. These tips will make them productive and faster compared to their competitors. Not only for a pandemic but they will also be producing autoimmune and cancer drugs.

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Tereci felt good when she was able to launch the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. As a female, it’s something important. She felt like the world was moving towards the gender balance zone. Her effort and hard work towards her team made them achieving success.

She continued: “I truly believe that one of the secrets of why we have been successful as a team and as a company is that we are a gender-balanced team.’ According to the report, half of the BioNTech workers are females. Not just at the bottom of the team, but also at the managerial levels.

The co-founder said they don’t recruit while looking for a specific gender. The company is naturally blessed with female applicants. This is great.

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