Burger King Has Chosen Impossible Instead of Beyond Meat

  • Vladimir Sumina
  • August 3, 2019
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Burger King whopper

Jose Cil, the CEO of Burger King’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International, recently announced that they have chosen Impossible over Beyond Meat for their plant-based Whopper patty, since “it was the best product for our guests. The Burger King team in the U.S. tasted and tested several different alternatives. Guests validated [Impossible] through countless tests and focus groups and ultimately in restaurants and market tests that we’ve done.”

The second-largest burger chain in the United States will be launching their Impossible Whopper nationwide, starting August 8th. Burger King has been testing the plant-based burger in St. Louis since April. Because of the success of this experiment, they soon extended the area to six more markets.

Jose Cil went on to say: “It’s really delivering to the guests what they want, what they’re looking for and it’s something that we feel very passionate about. You can buy 2 for $7, one original, one Impossible Whopper on DoorDash or the BK app. We need to be brand-led, and we let the brands decide what the products that the guests are looking for based on their feedback are.”

Even though the Impossible Whopper is only a limited offer, available until September, Burger King hopes that high demand will mean they can make it a permanent menu item.

The biggest burger chain in the United States, McDonald’s, has not yet offered a plant-based burger on their menus. Steve Easterbrook, their CEO, has said that they still want to wait and see how popular these meatless alternatives will be, and measure their impact on the market.

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