Delta Removes Passenger for Restroom Use

  • Gray Phillips
  • April 27, 2017
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Another airline scandal has erupted after a YouTube video of a man being kicked off of a Delta Airlines Flight for using the restroom went viral. On April 18th Kima Hamilton of Milwaukee boarded a plane home and soon realized that he needed to use the bathroom.

The Unlikely Disturbance

Hamilton was initially told that he must remain in his seat. However, the flight was delayed and after 30 minutes Hamilton found himself unable to wait any longer. He rushed to the restroom while plane remained motionless on the tarmac.

Once he returned to his seat a Delta employee approached him. The employee ordered Hamilton to leave the plane. Hamilton and the crew member argued causing the crew to force all other passengers to temporarily exit the plane.

Passenger Removed from Flight

As is shown in the video, Hamilton calmly argued with the Delta employee. He explains that he will not leave the plane without being told what the situation is. Despite Hamilton’s seemingly reasonable behavior he is still ordered to leave.

Eventually, upon exiting with the employee, Hamilton was met outside by a group of FBI agents. Although the agents came to the scene to take Hamilton into custody they decided against taking action.

A Third Person’s View

The video of the argument was recorded by Krista Rosalino. She described the incident in an article posted online. Rosalino sat near Hamilton on the plane with her young child. She mentions that he was friendly and kind as they waited for the plane to begin moving.

Rosalino said in her blog post that Delta Airway’s treatment of a paying customer was shocking and disappointing. She described the incident as humiliating for Hamilton and uncomfortable for the other passengers.

The spokesperson of Delta Airways answered inquiries regarding the incident explaining that Hamilton was only require to leave because he did not cooperate with the employee. Furthermore, Delta stressed the importance of customer compliance with company rules.

Hamilton, desperate to return home to Milwaukee, had limited options. He purchased a ticket home for three times the cost of his original ticket. Unsurprisingly, this time he bought from a different airline.

Hamilton made it known that he is looking into legal options. However, he does not at this time have an attorney. He is concerned that his treatment was partly due to his race as an African American.

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