YouTube attempting to curb false information

YouTube attempts to stop misinformation “Fake news” seems to be a popular discussion in today’s media, and it seems to be very apparent on YouTube, where content creators can use misinformation in their videos to gain more views. YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan announced on Monday that the company is “making changes to put […]
  • 8 Days ago

3 Adventure YouTubers Die While Swimming Near a Waterfall

The YouTube channel High on Life lost 3 of their creators in a waterfall accident in British Columbia. Megan Scraper, Ryker Gamble, and Alexey Lyakh all lost their lives while filming near a 100-foot waterfall at Shannon Falls, near Squamish BC. Scraper fell in first and Gamble and Lyakh jumped in to save her. Scraper […]
  • 10 Days ago

VidCon Creates Grant For Up-And-Coming YouTubers

YouTube conference VidCon has announced that they will be issuing a weekly grant to qualified emerging YouTuber’s for the next year. The grant will be $2,000 and the money can be spent however the participant chooses. The grant amounts to $104,000 for up-and-coming creators. VidCon founder Hank Green issued the following statement: “We think we’re […]
  • 22 Days ago

Instagram announces IGTV to compete with YouTube

We’re live with IGTV Social media platform Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will unveil a new application, IGTV, that allows users to produce longer, 4K videos. Currently, Instagram only allows its users to produce 60-second videos – this new app puts it in the same ballpark as YouTube and far past Snapchat. IGTV gives […]
  • 28 Days ago

SEC filing shows anomaly in Spotify’s data report, are Users Abusing the System?

Users have found a way to overcome Spotify advertisements without paying. SEC filing shows 2 million users unaccounted for.  While Youtube has recently revealed its reason for inserting an abundance of advertisements that interrupt music videos, they are not the first music streaming service to do so. Youtube, in an effort to promote its new […]
  • 4 Months ago

Google to counter Amazon’s Echo Show with smart screen device, sources say

Google is rumored to have a new smart device in the works, TechCrunch reports. The tabletop smart screen for the home will serve as the competitor for Amazon’s Echo Show, which has been on the market since June 2017. If true, such a device would keep Google in the smart home market race with Amazon […]
  • 10 Months ago

Changes are coming to Google’s search results page

As reported by TechCrunch, changes are coming to Google’s mobile search. Now: video previews Now, whenever your Google search query returns video results, Google will automatically play a six-second video clip on the results page to give you an idea of its contents. Don’t worry: the preview will be silent. Your search results will not be broadcasted to […]
  • 11 Months ago

Facebook is making moves in the realm of video

In an effort to break into the video entertainment market, Facebook is introducing a new video platform called Watch. The platform will be made available to a select group of Facebook users today. Everyone else will have to wait to try it. In making this move, Facebook is most likely looking to open up new sources of […]
  • 11 Months ago

Verizon Not Delivering to Customer Expectations

Customers of Verizon have noticed a decrease in their mobile data speeds especially being limited whenever they streamed or accessed videos on Netflix and YouTube. This has sparked a response in Verizon to optimize video applications on its mobile network in order to satisfy Verizon Wireless subscribers. The speed cap by Verizon was noticed by […]
  • 12 Months ago
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