DripDrop Raises $5.6 Million in Latest Round of Funding

  • Ben Feinstein
  • August 15, 2014
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DripDropFor athletes dehydration is the enemy. It’s also apparently the enemy of rock stars too. That’s why Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and solo instrumentalist Joe Satriani recently invested in DripDrop, a company whose mission is to combat thirst everywhere. DripDrop, based in San Fransisco, claims that they have developed a medical grade rehydration solution that has a taste consumers actually enjoy. Weir and Satriani join a host of investors who recently contributed a combined $5.6 million in the latest round of fundraising.

According to The Wall Street Journal, CEO Doug Wolf explained that $11 million has been raised so far. The company is getting ready to release their product to about 15,000 stores, but executives have yet to release the exact stores at this time. The product is a powder, that when mixed with water, gives hydrates the consumer in a fashion that was previously only available through intravenous tubes. Powdered hydration mixes are not a new commodity, but Wolf argues that they come out with the first mix that actually tastes good,

“There are such drinks available through the World Health Organization, and other places, but babies spit this stuff out. Adults will only drink it if there’s a doctor right there watching them.”

Though DripDrop already has patents on the changes made to the already existing hydration mixes, the company declined to go into specifics on the changes they’ve made. Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, the founder of DripDrop, had worked in Guatemala for a time and witnessed dehydration in children that set in so fast it was impossible to save the victims. It was after witnessing this horror that Dolhun decided he needed change things.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention agrees. The Center has labeled dehydration, even if its mild, as a serious health concern. Even if the dehydration is not life threatening, it can still have dramatic affects on other areas of a person’s health. And that’s why its important to understand that DripDrop is not just in it for the money. The company donates its products to humanitarian relief organizations and has even gone as far as to register its products as “medical food” which requires regulatory oversight.



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