Harvard cancels “Black Mass”

  • Nat Alia
  • May 15, 2014
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Harvard cancels "Black Mass"

A ritual known as the “Black Mass” was supposed to be held this week at Harvard. The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club will no longer be holding this even because not only Harvard opposed the idea, but also because of an outcry by 60,000 people in an online petition, Bostonians that included archdiocese spokesman Terry Donilon who in an email stated that “The event is offensive to Catholics and people of good will.” According to Fox News. Also Robert Neugeboren, dean of students and alumni affairs at Harvard Extension School, said the “deeply disturbing” event is offensive to many at Harvard and called for it to be canceled.

The “Black Mass” is not a religious ceremony like a normal Catholic Mass is. In general, “black masses” are intended to be a mockery of traditional Catholic Mass, though there is wide variation in how it is actually practiced. The Dean of Harvard University and Harvard University itself was opposed to the event, and issued statements not condoning the event and applauding its cancellation. Drew Faust, the President of Harvard University issued his own statement not forcing them to cancel the mass but urging the group to rethink their decision on holding it.

Altogether, mostly everyone except for the people involved in the planned “black mass” event are condemning the ritual, and are grateful that it has been cancelled because no other venues wanted to give permission for this mass to take place on their properties or be associated with it in any way.

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