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Ivanka Trump’s Perfume is an Amazon Bestseller

  • Anahit Moumjian
  • February 21, 2017
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Ivanka Trump’s perfume jumped to the top Amazon’s bestseller list in the “Perfumes & Fragrances” category last week, weeks after Nordstrom announced it was dropping Ivanka Trump-branded items from its store.

The Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum spray also received a vast number of reviews on its product page. Some comments remained apolitical, while other reviewers mentioned President Trump or his daughter Ivanka specifically.

A user named “DeeJay” wrote in a five-star review of the perfume, “Amazing! Smells great. Get many compliments and questions on what it is and where I got it! Plus I am supporting President Trump and his family! Make America Great again!”

Other reviews had less to do with the actual product and more to do with making a political statement in support of Trump and against those opposed to him.

Another five-star review from a user named “Ronald” says, “Very excellent scent. it also helps keep the RATS (SJW, PC, SNOWFLAKE) whining cry babies away, almost as if you’re throwing holy water at mindless DEMONS while they pull their hair and eye balls out when they smell such a refreshing scent.”

Out of 942 total reviews, 43% are rated 5 stars, while 51% are 1 star. The critical review voted most helpful by user “Santa CruZin” reminds shoppers and readers to “Remember to look for the “verified purchase” tag next to the names of reviewers when considering their opinions.” There are currently no 1 star reviews with verified purchases.

The jump in sales appears to be, in part, a reaction to a boycott of Trump-branded merchandise. The Grab Your Wallet campaign has encouraged consumers since last fall to boycott retailers carrying items with the Trump name on it. Neiman Marcus, Kmart, and Sears have said they would drop such items from their stores.

Nordstrom recently dropped Ivanka Trump’s collection from their stores, although they stated dwindling sales as the cause rather than political affiliation.

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