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  • Julia Berman
  • July 16, 2014
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Pixar has recently finished their new projects entitled “Inside Out” and “Lava.” Apparently, “Lava” is a love story that takes place over the span of millions of years. The project is also a musical. “Inside Out” is a more interpretive film about human emotions.

The news of the short film “Lava” was released on June 19. The opening scenes of Pixar’s new feature “Inside Out” was screened for an audience in LA that same day at the DGA. A sneak peak of “Lava” was also shown. The exclusive audience watched behind-the-scenes look at the film which is scheduled for release a year to the day of the event.


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At the DGA, Helmer Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera, producer, played clips from the film and discussed the work that went into making “Inside Out.”Specifically, they discussed the complexities in their research in the subject of mind and emotions that are involved in the story about young Riley and her encounters with 5 key emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. Jim Morris, Pixar general manager and executive VP of production, even stated the the project has “changed the way I think about thought and emotion.”

 The two have worked on this project for four years. Rivera mentioned how these years are comparable to dog years due to the vigorous production involved in animation.

Docter said that he was ruled by “Joy” after he exhibited his latest work. He also mentioned that, “at different times I can relate to each one of those guys. Anger came easiest to me as a writer, I don’t know why. Fear and Joy rule a lot of the time for me.” Refreshments were provided for guests following the presentations. About his future work, Docter speculated, “Where else can I go that’s going to be different and exciting to me in some way.”

Jim Murphy, head of animation at Pixar, made his directorial debut in the volcanic love story “Lava.” Murphy said that his inspiration for the short was drawn from tropical locales, active volcanoes, and Hawaiian music. Murphy even shared some of the film’s music score with the small, LA audience. The music featured a ukulele.  “Lava” will open before “Inside Out” in theaters.

Pixar’s shorts are known to be just as intriguing as their full-length films. However, their shorts tend to be more experimental. The projects “Inside Out” and “Lava” are set for release next June.


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