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Valenture Institute Startup Merge with UCT To Offer Online High school Education

UCT Online badge-Valenture institue Image from facebook
UCT Online badge- Image from facebook UCT Online badge- Image from facebook
UCT Online badge-Valenture institue Image from facebook
UCT Online badge- Image from facebook UCT Online badge- Image from facebook

Covid-19 has changed the way we conduct a lot of things, including education. During the pandemic, all schools closed, meaning online classes could serve better. Some schools in South Africa implemented online learning. Some could not afford the services and infrastructure.

Effects of a pandemic on education

Thousands of students from middle and higher classes adapted online learning from various spheres. One of the best-preferred schools was the UCT online High Schools. It offered its service through Valenture Institute.


Robert Paddock is the co-founder and CEO of Valenture Institute. His institute is the first to ever collaborate with UCT online to bring educational services to South Africans. In an interview with BizNews, the founder admitted that the collaboration is not the first to ever happen. Few online universities are offering high school education. The system has been running for over 10 years. But when we talk about Africa, then UCT is at the forefront.  The partnership between Venture institute and the University of Cape Town will bring much change to the country.

University of Cape Town

UCT is among the top 10 universities in Africa. The school decided to invest its capital in online schooling to get the best out of it. Their main intention is to link secondary education with tertiary schooling. They aim at helping many students join University to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Merge between two institution

Valenture Institute and UCT will make sure they prepare students to pass the national government exams. At the same time, they will expose them to higher-learning education. Mastery-based learning ensures students absorb one content before moving to the next category.

Looking at the traditional teaching model, teachers focus on the middle layer effectively. The learners move to the next class even if they have not mastered the concept. For students opting to take STEM as their focus, then the fundamentals are essential. It’s difficult to take an engineering course without a deep understanding of mathematics.

Advantages of online learning over government mode

Valenture Institute CEO confirmed that a student can be in grade nine but only has grade 5 knowledge. The government’s mode of learning is like a push. This makes students struggle with the national senior exams. When they join the university, the rate of dropout is higher. The students have not adapted to succeed in the independent mortality system offered by the tertiary institute. It’s the perfect moment for more institutions to think about the education system in the country. The problem must be solved across the world.

The statistics showed that 60% of mathematics teachers for grade 8 will not pass the same test they are majoring in. It’s awkward and very shameful. With online learning, the teachers must confirm their skills before tutoring a class. They must possess a positive mindset to ensure their students master the content. The public school are lacking the practical realities of lessons outside the classrooms. It’s difficult for one teacher to narrow down a problem for each student in the class of 50 pupils.

What Valenture institute will add to the education level

With digital technologies, a student will go back and get the life lesson that they didn’t understand. There are also online instructors and students. The integration of online culture will expand and provide government support.

The pandemic effect must have made people think differently. Coming up with a variety of rare opportunities is a positive mindset. Many startups started in the middle of the Covid-19. It’s a good idea to use the challenges available to create an opportunity out of it.

The Valenture Institute said they have shared with the government the collaboration idea. The two institutes held a meeting to discuss how the online high school program will run. There was also a representative from the government.

The principal of UCT online High School will possess much authority in running the merger.  The selected leadership team will ensure they dedicate much of their time to getting the school operating. They believe teamwork results in a dream job. The Valenture institute CEO said they want to utilize what the university can offer to the table. The merger will focus on the bridge between high school and university.  Valenture caters to the portal and the management system for every student and worker.


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