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OrganoTex to Replace the Home Harmful Chemicals

OrganoTex - Image from facebook
As research teams in institutions and large companies work their best, we have many things that are coming to change. PFAS synthetic chemicals have promised to do away with their harmful products in the coming months. All their chemicals are in the process of being phased out.
The ‘Poly-and Perfluoroalkyl substance’ company has produced over 4700 fluorine chemicals. They are harmful and non-biodegradable at the same time. The chemicals drink a lot of dust, the human bloodstream, and dust particles. Almost 99% of homes got the chemicals, either in a house or inside people’s bodies.’
Disposal of PFAS on land could lead to many health problems, a report by 2019 Daker Wayer film. They are found in a variety of products like furniture, cosmetics, and even food packages. Research by medical scientists showed that the chemical can cause kidney cancer, liver damage, and birth defects.
There have been consumer complaints over the years, but that could not stop the company from producing its chemicals. any changes. A senior chemical advisor, Jonatan Kleimark said that the chemical topic is very hard for normal people to understand. It’s not something common, but a new thing. Most people don’t have the time to complain to manufacturers if their product contains PFAS. But government agencies demand that customers engage with their manufacturing companies.
It’s astonishing to find that some manufacturers are not aware of the PFAS. Therefore, Dr. Kleimark advises people to seek regulations from companies. It is through much pressure that they will change their raw-product for the manufacturing process.

Banning of PFAS

The state of Mine in the US banned the sale of PFAS products in early July.  Any products suspected to contain the PFAS are taken to the doctor for testing, a report by foodpackaging. European nations have also restricted the rise of PFAS and other plastic harmful chemicals. European states and other non-governmental environmentalists are forcing PFAS to regulate their chemicals.
The union wants to know exactly which raw materials are used in PFAS industry. Dr. Kleimerk proceeded, “I definitely think that there will be some kind of restriction in the next five, six years,”. The managerial PFAS team is ahead of trying to seek guidance on how to make the transition successful.
Some industries have already found an alternative to this harmful chemical. Others have been running away from PFAS to produce different products which are still harmful to the environment. An example is plastic-based clothing.


OrganoClick is a Swedish company producing OrganoTex. This can serve as an alternative to polytetrafluoroethylene. This might be used as water-repellent clothing in the future. PTFE is popular by the name Teflon. The coat has low friction and can handle high heat. Even NASA at one point used Teflon in building space units.
OrganoTex behaves the same way as the lotus leaves. When the water drops on a lily pad, it slides off like the plant has oil. The same way this product behaves. The CEO, Mr. Helberg said they only use natural water repellant molecules. It’s a better replacement for non-biodegradable synthetic chemicals.
The OrganoTex is a very different technology. Consumers will take time before they accept and understand the new products. For clients to use it as a product, they will apply different knowledge from obvious Teflon. This calls upon changes like learning new techniques of washing products.
The world is eager to see the next OrganoTex products.

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