Pizza Hut to Have a Film Projector in the Pizza Box

  • Leanne Coelho
  • June 10, 2015
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Pizza Hut has not particularly been the restaurant chain that is known for the best quality of pizzas. The restaurant, which was founded in Kansas in 1958 has had its own share of ups and downs. Notwithstanding, the restaurant chain has managed to stay in business around the world.

Usually, it is the new variants of pizza like the stuffed-crust or pop-out crust that keeps the customers excited. This time though, it is more the pizza box itself that will keep the people coming.

Ogilvy and Mather in Hong Kong have come up with the innovative ‘Blockbuster Box.’ The unique thing about this Blockbuster pizza box is that is has a built-in projector. The projector can be connected to one’s smart phone to show films.

This cool new gizmo will change movie night completely. The best part is that the boxes come with a QR code through which movies can be downloaded. As of now, there are four themed boxes already designed. The boxes are – ‘Hot & Ready’, ‘Slice Night’, ‘Fully Loaded’ and ‘Anchovy Action’.

The best this is that this box offers portability, so movie night can be enjoyed anywhere at all with a warm pizza waiting for you to dig in.


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